Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 6
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7. Weaver Vennal onwards to Spout of Welltrees and including the Coral Glen and Ballony } Mr J Campbell } Mr N Fergusson

                                  The Secretary is requested to hand to the Gentlemen of each District a collecting book.

                                   The meeting having considered the case of the girl  McCafferty said to be aged about 13 years whose Mother died lately and  who  is   for the present without any means of support and who has no education,  agree to receive her into the School for five weeks till it is seen whether she has a claim on the Parochial Board or be otherwise  disposed of.

The Ragged School of Maybole sixth February Eighteen Hundred and Fifty

Convened the following Members of the Acting Committee -

                                            Reverend Mr Dodds
                                            Mr M. Brown
                                            Mr R. McMillan
                                            Mr Murdoch
                                            Mr Hannay

                        The Teacher reported that the case of Helen McCafferty was brought before the Parochial Board when it was arranged, that she is to continue in the Ragged School and be maintained for one year at the rate of