Minutes of the Maybole Ragged School - Page 8
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The Teacher reported that Mrs Henderson could not pay 4d per week for her child but she says that she could pay 2d per week. The meeting agree to accept of her own proposal.

            Mrs Kechie claims for the admission (P4 of Record Book) of two of her 3 children (aged 5, 8, & 11) for whom she offers to pay 9d per week, having been considered, are of opinion that as these children are supported by the Parochial Board (who pay her 2/- per week for their support) the expense of their education falls upon the Board & they request this be notified to the Chairman of the Board.

            Mrs Trousels claim (p4) for admission of her child of 8 and a half years was next considered. She is not on the Board and offers 3d per week, has 3 other children 19, 14, & 11 from whom she gets no assistance they having all left her. The meeting request the Teacher make further enquiry into the facts stated by her and if true to receive the child.

           Mrs Bashford's claim for admission of her second child David Bashford aged 11 (p5) and her offer to pay 4d per week agreed to.

          The Meeting request the Revd Mr Thomson to endeavour to prevail on Mr Gemmell Shoemaker to receive the eldest son (James Bashford) as an apprentice or if he cannot, that he will endeavour to prevail on some of his brothers in the trade to take him.

         The meeting think it right to request the Teacher to desire the Parent or other applicants for the admission of children along with the children or child to appear at the monthly meeting that the Committee may satisfy themselves by further examination.

          The Meeting understanding that Wednesday is thought not generally convenient for several of the members of Committee agree to meet on the first Thursday of next month and to consider if that, or any other day be more suitable. Meeting closed with prayer by the Reverend Mr Dodds.