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November 2015 Newsletter

Maybole Episcopalians - A Church of Weavers

President Eisenhower’s connections to Carrick

Rev. R. Lawson's book Ailsa Craig is now available  as ebook!

Irish Roots and the Episcopal Church in Maybole - Rev. Dr Ian Meredith, BA, MTh,PhD

Ayrshire Pilgrim's Trail an ancient route
Coronation Medal of King George VI - 1937

Can Anyone Claim this Silver Medal for Tricyling 100 miles?

Maybole, past and present now available for download

Grandfather Clock by Tho Campbell Thomas Logan - Maybole Clockmaker John Muir's voyage - Maybole to America

A Flight to St. Kilda. R. Lawson 1902 Working Lives
Ayrshire Libraries Forum Photos

Maybole's website featured in a new book of 50 stories

Bill White's Memories - the time between the wars South Ayrshire Genealogy Guide Surfing Your Way Into History

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