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Angus Hogg - 'Ayrshire's Secret Coast'

Ayrshire's Great War MHS presents a talk by Tom Barclay

Maybole Historical Society Newsletter. December 2015

President Eisenhower’s connections to Carrick

Rev. R. Lawson's book Ailsa Craig is now available  as ebook!

Irish Roots and the Episcopal Church in Maybole - Rev. Dr Ian Meredith, BA, MTh,PhD

Ayrshire Pilgrim's Trail an ancient route

Can Anyone Claim this Silver Medal for Tricyling 100 miles?

Maybole, past and present now available for download

Grandfather Clock by Tho Campbell Thomas Logan - Maybole Clockmaker John Muir's voyage - Maybole to America

A Flight to St. Kilda. R. Lawson 1902 Working Lives
Ayrshire Libraries Forum Photos

Maybole's website featured in a new book of 50 stories

Bill White's Memories - the time between the wars South Ayrshire Genealogy Guide Surfing Your Way Into History

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