Weeks of March 23rd and 30th, 2001
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Week of March 30th 2001


The Haze have a new CD (cover on the left) and have been asked to play at Maybole Gala again this year.
guitar.jpg (51154 bytes) The best of pluck, Fraser! Carrick Academy built a musical reputation on brass - but now strings are in vogue. And talented guitarist Fraser McFadyen of S5 is doing an advanced higher in music...

carrick3.jpg (119034 bytes)

Pupils are happy to string along with guitar lessons. Strings are the thing at Carrick Academy these days ...
duets.jpg (69230 bytes) Girls master difficult duets. They sang their hearts out and did Carrick Academy proud in the Ayrshire Music Festival. pathways.gif (39899 bytes) 4,000 to Study Pathways Plan for Maybole. Maybole could be the next town to benefit from a 'Rural Paths Network' ....
historicopen.gif (21681 bytes) Historic locations set to Open. Crossraguel Abbey ...

swimming1.jpg (88191 bytes)

Gardenrose pool in three trophies. Gardenrose Primary School pupils swan to success

swimming gala1.jpg (128240 bytes)

The squad from village school winners ...

carrick4.jpg (107081 bytes)

Fags get the kiss-off at school. These Carrick Academy pupils were backing the Kiss it Goodbye campaign

charityshop.gif (20704 bytes)

Church folk move into charity shop.
bypass.jpg (110438 bytes) McLeish message to Maybole: keep bypass .... maytag.gif (48858 bytes) May-Tag Planning a Clean Sweep. 
bottles2.jpg (66861 bytes) No stopping the flow of bottles from Maybole! Vintage bottles of 'aerate water' made in Maybole feature in our pages ....

fund.gif (19099 bytes)

Fund in Hunt for helpers. Maybole branch of Save the Children is looking for local people to spare an hour to collect funds.


Week of March 23rd 2001


rednose3a.jpg (37665 bytes) Depute head teacher Val Freeman sports a big red nose. rednose1.jpg (97417 bytes) Gardenrose pupils are sitting comfortably for one of their popular 'Story Sack' sessions.
rednose4.jpg (91449 bytes) Pyjamas to Poverty was the theme for Comic Relief Day at Gardenrose Primary School in Maybole. rednose6a.jpg (75248 bytes) Dinner ladies (left to right) Rosemary Murdoch, Margaret Ann McEwan, Elaine Galloway and Nicola Thomson ...
rednose3.jpg (71068 bytes) Gardenrose teachers get into the spirit - and their pyjamas - for Red Nose Day. rednose5.jpg (134873 bytes) The school's assembly hall was packed with pyjama-clad pupils and red noses for Comic Relief Day.

rednose2.jpg (59703 bytes)

Parents Deb Creedy (left) and Morag Montgomery happily took part in a 'Story Sack" session. rednose6.jpg (63779 bytes) Young readers proudly show off their new book bags.
saltire11.jpg (32180 bytes) Scots flag flying again. the Miller flagpole has been a landmark in Maybole's Greenside since 1945. saltire2.jpg (58193 bytes) Saltire Secure. A Saltire is flying over Maybole again, after a new rope was attached to the landmark pole at Greenside.

Maybole OAPs urged to attend safety show. Two events have been arranged...

oap.jpg (66022 bytes)
travel2.gif (43302 bytes) Travel Station. This is how Maybole railway station will look when it becomes a 'travel station' as part of the South Aryshire Transport Initiative. travel1.jpg (77554 bytes) Travel Station.

youth1.jpg (114364 bytes)

'Maybole Youth' Takes Another Big Step Forward.

youth2.jpg (53939 bytes)

The action group discuss the new youth proposals.

histsoc.gif (39968 bytes)

One Drew over the Cuckoo's Nest. The Maybole Historical Society's next lecture will be ....

group.gif (28143 bytes)

Maybole residents plan to form new group. Folk who live in The Loaning, Cairnfield and Glebe Crescent areas ....