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David Maclure Cowan M.D  F.R.C.S.E.

Born 11th March 1876 Died 6th Dec 1913.

A Native of Maybole. A Distinguished Graduate of Glasgow University. A skillful Physician and An Expert Surgeon. The untimely and unexpected end of a life so precious to the sick and suffering occasioned profound and widespread sorrow. A memorial was erected in Maybole Cemetery to his memory by his friends among the general public and many members of his own profession who appreciated his eminent abilities and earnest labours.  Dr. David Cowan had a large and successful practice in Maybole from 1904 until his death in 1913. This photo of Dr. Cowan appeared on a postcard after his death and was contributed by Margaret Davidson. more

Robert McKinstray
One of the earliest, and most famous, of all Maybole pedestrians was Robert McKinstray who was born in Welltrees Street in April, 1837, and who became the greatest runner in Britain in his day, over all distances from 160 yards to 5 miles. His name is known to all townspeople, who speak of him whenever the topic of running is raised, but few today really know much about him and can only vaguely remember "he once beat a Red Indian" as if this was his crowning achievement. A well-known sporting newspaper printed a short article on McKinstrav about the end of last century and the following extract from it shows that Maybole can indeed be proud of its fleetfooted son.  "Robert McKinstray was born at Maybole in April, 1837, and stands 5' 6k" in height. When only 15 years old Bob made his debut as a pedestrian at the Culzean sports, when he won half of the races. Bob ... annually visited the Scotch games and defeated nearly all comers on sprints, long distances and hurdle races"
.  Photo contributed by Caroline Legg more

Kennedy Family
In early days when Maybole had the families of over twenty noblemen living in it, the Kennedy family, "The Kings of Carrick", looked on the old capital of their kingdom as their home town and many famous members of this family have gone from it to become prominent figures in Scotland's history".(From the chapter from James T. Gray's  book  Maybole, Carrick's Capital titled "Famous Folks") Coat of Arms of the Marquess of Ailsa shown here by his permission. Kennedy Clan Badge

Lord Ballantrae
Bernard Fergusson (b.1911 - d.1980) (Grandson of Sir James Fergusson below)
The family called "Ladyburn" in Maybole their home. "During the second World War many local people played their part as they have always done in time of need, and one who has become a legendary figure was Lt. Col. Bernard Fergusson, D.S.O., O.B.E., Of Kilkerran. He gained world fame for his daring exploits with the Chindits and later became Governor General of New Zealand (9 Nov 1962 - 20 Oct 1966), a position his father, Sir Charles Fergusson, had held many years previously." From the book  Maybole, Carrick's Capital by  James T. Gray   Books by Sir Bernard FergussonLetter - 1971 Photos Obituaries

The Right Honourable Sir James Fergusson, Bart. of Kilkerran, G.C.S.I.  
(b.1832 - d.1907) (Grandfather of Sir Bernard Fergusson above)
In his monthly parish newsletter of January 1897, Rev. R. Lawson, referred to Sir James Fergusson as "our most widely known local celebrity ". From the lengthy list of high public offices held by Sir James and as enumerated by Rev. Lawson, there can be little doubt that he was well known in Maybole as well as many other parts of the world. That Sir James funded most of the cost of building the West Parish Church in Maybole, of which Rev. Lawson was minister for many years must certainly have caused the Rev. to consider Sir James in a favourable way. But other accounts of Sir James also speak well of him and his "worthy " .  For more about Sir James click here.

John Piper
" The aerial view of Sydney harbour, with its magnificent bridge and unique opera house, is one of the finest and best-known panoramas in the world. It is likely, though, that few Ayrshire folk will know that a prominent part of the city's waterfront is named after a native of the county. John Piper was born in Maybole on 20th April, 1773, a son of the local physician, Doctor Hugh Piper. A brother, Thomas Piper, is known to Burns enthusiasts as 'Spunkie Tammie', a name given to him by the poet after the two men met in Maybole in 1786." 
Click here for the complete story  from the book Ayrshire Heritage by Andrew Boyle.  Alloway Publishing, Ayr.  
Painting on the left by Augustus Earle (1826), courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Sydney.

The Prince of Wales

Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick and the Baron Renfrew, Lord of Isles, Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.

The Earldom of Carrick for which 
Maybole is known as it's Capital

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