Turnberry Railway Opening Day Photographs Needed
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I am looking for old Turnberry railway photographs for an upcoming book. My co-author (Stuart Rankin) and I have tried various sources for a particular photograph of this line and are asking Maybole website visitors for help.

We just cannot find a photo of the opening-day special train that ran to Turnberry for the luncheon of the railway directors and their guests, but such a photo must have been taken on the day. In the Ayrshire Post a week after the railway and hotel opening, there was a photo of the hotel that was taken by the Henderson firm, and I would have thought that the firm would have taken other photos at Turnberry, including of the train and the arrival of the guests. So, where are these photos, we wonder? It is inconceivable that photos would not have been taken of the opening day events, and so far the mystery of their whereabouts remains.

If you can help with this request please contact me at this email address.

David McConnell, Prestwick