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Maybole 500 Year Anniversary Celebration Facebook Page

Welcome to Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland The Ancient Capital of Carrick

Maybole is celebrating 500 years of being a burgh over the next few months. Maybole Community Council has secured funding from Ayrshire LEADER, Heritage Lottery, Ayrshire Youth Arts Network and North Carrick Community Benefit Fund to deliver a new and exciting project that will mark the 500th anniversary of Maybole receiving its Burgh of Barony status in 1516. To celebrate this momentous milestone the Community Council, in partnership with local groups and organisations, is holding a series of events.

Following on from the success of the Lantern Parade, the committee organising the Maybole 500 events have arranged an open evening in the Town Hall at 7pm on Monday, April 10. They would love to see as many representatives of local organisations as possible as well as individuals as plans are being put in place for a gala pageant on Saturday June 10.  more

The Lantern Parade organised by the M500 organisers was a fantastic success. Local residents have been commenting on how proud they were to be there and loved their heritage being showcased. more

Maybole Pipe Band returned from a visit to Urmitz, Germany in 2016. more

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Situated in the southwest of Scotland, Maybole is a small town built on a sloping hillside and overlooks the Southern Uplands with a magnificent view of these rolling hills. The ancient kingdom of Carrick is the part of Ayrshire south of the River Doon. Maybole lies 44 miles southwest of Glasgow and about 5 miles east of the Firth of Clyde.

Exploring our site you will find: Photogalleries of Maybole’s past, present and Places of interest about the town. Guides composed over the last three centuries. Famous or Notable Minniebolers with connections to Maybole. Information and photographs of our churches, schools, civic groups, clubs and other Community organisations. Current News articles from the Ayrshire Post. And for those with an interest in local and family History searchable archives, on-line books, articles, maps, the Maybole Historical Society and much more. Those searching for their roots in Maybole are invited to contact the webmaster Rich Pettit for listing their interests in the on-site surname registry or with other questions regarding site resources. Please feel free to contact us with information, photographs artefacts, etc which you would like to see put on the site.

Over the years several writers have published the story of Maybole through the centuries up to their own time. The people of Maybole are indebted to them for their painstaking and literary efforts and we have included extracts of their works on this site. None of them, however, envisaged the phenomenon of the World Wide Web! Now Maybole has a tremendous opportunity to let the world know of its long and rich history, and what is happening today.

We extend a warm welcome to all and an invitation to visit our town if not in person at least on this site. Maybole currently has a population of under 5,000 citizens but through the Internet I have the notion that, at least in their hearts, that number could grow.

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