Blues for Billy
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Ah’m scunnered sittin’ at this desk

An’ Maths is jist a bore

Ootside the sun is shinin’ doon

Ah long for Maibole Shore.

Or the waterfa’ below Kildoon

Sae cool an wide an deep.

Och, come oan Wullie, ring the bell

Afore ah fa’ asleep.


Tae wan’er up o’er Mochrum Hill

Wid be better far than school,

Ah’d even settle fur the Park

An’ a quiet gemme o’ Bool.

Ah’m sure  Aul Meg is stirrin’

Feels the need tae exercise her airm

Ach Wullie Rodger ring that bell

Ah’m sure she intends me herm.


This stupid question’s rubbish

Ah’d like tae toss the whole loat in the bin

Oh, help,Aul Meg she’s speirin me

Aye Miss ah’m workin oan at yin

Oh Naw! Ah’m affy sorry Miss

I mean Yes Miss I’m working on at one.

Aul’ witch, ye should be thankful

Ah’ve a pencil, no a gun.


The wellies, Miss? Ah’m sorry

Ye see mah shoes is needin soled

They’ll no be richt fore Friday nicht

Or so ah have been told.

Aw Miss, it’s no mah faut, ye see

Ah’ve no goat anither pair.

The aul’ bitch winna listen

She jist storms across the flair.


Aw noo she’s flung the cupboard wide

Here it comes.. the aul’ Lochgelly

Coz ah’ve no goat mah guid bits oan

She’s gonny gie me welly.

Wan searin’smash fur ‘gutter talk’

Wan mair fur lack o’ shoes

She plays her ain tune every day

Ah ca’ it ‘Baker’s Blues’.


She’s jist a sad aul’  biddy

Whae equates intelligence wi’ social staunin’

She cannie see the licht in him

The Future that is dawnin’

That when the Wheel o’ Time moves oan

When the Bell o’ Life is rung

Frae oot yon honest gypsy laddie

A fine Makar has sprung.

An’ noo he’s traivelled faur an wide

There’s oceans lie atween

Still ah’ll gladly grasp yon laddie’s haun

Ah’m prood tae ca’ him…Freen.


George McEwan

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I attended Carrick Academy where I first met Billy Davidson. While staying in Ayr I started and for a number of years ran, Ayr Folk Club where my friendship with Billy Connolly was forged. While working in Turner's lemonade factory I wrote ' The Welly Boot Song' which for a while was Billy's theme song. I've been writing for a long time, mostly poetry in dialect or with a Native American theme. Through the Maybole website I renewed my friendship with Billy Davidson and since then we've been corresponding and exchanging ideas re- poetry in general. These few here include a couple with a 'Glasgow' theme just for interest. While growing up in Maybole my big buddy was Peter Finnie. Alas we lost touch, and I've been searching for him for years now and would be grateful for any news of him. 

George McEwan.  October 2006

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Carrick Academy schoolmates reunited after 50 years!

They were at Carrick Academy together in the 1950s then lost contact until they got back in touch through the Maybole web site and met up again five years ago for the first time in 50 years. In July 2009 George McEwan and Bill Davidson met up again in the Welltrees Inn in this Year of Homecoming, George travelling from Glasgow and Bill all the way from New York. Bill’s son had suggested that a trip to Turnberry for The Open would be a great present for Bill’s 70th birthday and he jumped at the chance to come back to his roots and meet up with family and friends. more