Cairders Burn and Cultiezeoun
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Cairders Burn



In the summer sun


In the sharpness of the stream.


Rocks beneath our feet

Lead on to warm sands.


Paper boats and Pooh sticks

In its smooth rush

To whirling dreams

Bearing us mid insects drone

To distant mystic lands.

Searching, seeking


Beneath the concrete bridge

A distant vista,

Green fields filled

With thistles.

Beside the path

Black-crust slices wrap

An edge of cheese

Swilled down with



George McEwan





Hawthorn hedgerows

Line the lane

Their needle fingers guarding

Hidden avian treasures.

Ushering us to the marshy copse

Where prehistoric lizards writhe

Amid the speckled spawn.

While the chorus croak

Of frogbacked frogs

Heralds our approaching



George McEwan


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I attended Carrick Academy where I first met Billy Davidson. While staying in Ayr I started and for a number of years ran, Ayr Folk Club where my friendship with Billy Connolly was forged. While working in Turner's lemonade factory I wrote ' The Welly Boot Song' which for a while was Billy's theme song. I've been writing for a long time, mostly poetry in dialect or with a Native American theme. Through the Maybole website I renewed my friendship with Billy Davidson and since then we've been corresponding and exchanging ideas re- poetry in general. These few here include a couple with a 'Glasgow' theme just for interest. While growing up in Maybole my big buddy was Peter Finnie. Alas we lost touch, and I've been searching for him for years now and would be grateful for any news of him. 

George McEwan.  October 2006

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Carrick Academy schoolmates reunited after 50 years!

They were at Carrick Academy together in the 1950s then lost contact until they got back in touch through the Maybole web site and met up again five years ago for the first time in 50 years. In July 2009 George McEwan and Bill Davidson met up again in the Welltrees Inn in this Year of Homecoming, George travelling from Glasgow and Bill all the way from New York. Billís son had suggested that a trip to Turnberry for The Open would be a great present for Billís 70th birthday and he jumped at the chance to come back to his roots and meet up with family and friends. more