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Shakin oan the seat

Wi’ its chrome-haunnelt back

Tae the nyang-nyang rhythm

O’ the wheels on the track.

Rinnin frae the Depot

Tae the Ferry an back.

In an upstairs cab wi’ its slidin door

Above the driver staunin

Pushin pedals tae the floor

Steerin wi the deed-mans haunle

Mid the traffics roar

While the black-bagged clippie

Whirrs her silver machine.

Inside this tramcaur

It’s plain tae be seen

Amang these travellin folk

The clippie’s the queen,

Haunin oot tickets,

Ready wi a laugh,

Haud oan ticht.

C’mon get aff!

Slappin at the haun

O’ some wee nyaff!

Doon through the Croass,

Under the Station,

Oot past the tenements

Oan we’re racin.

Wee bauchle wimmen

Wi bulging bags.

Hard men haunle hingin’

Puffin at fags,

Dreepy nosed weans

Aw headin fur schule,

Teenage lassies aye actin the fool.

Tram caur magic is really queer

Aw human kind passes through here

After aw these years it’s still a treat

Mindin back tae sittin’ oan a tramcaur seat

Shooglin an’ jigglin’ doon a Glesca street

Aw the wey tae the Clyde, it’s better than a bus,

Then aw the wey back

Tae the Terminus.

George McEwan


June 2nd 2005

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I attended Carrick Academy where I first met Billy Davidson. While staying in Ayr I started and for a number of years ran, Ayr Folk Club where my friendship with Billy Connolly was forged. While working in Turner's lemonade factory I wrote ' The Welly Boot Song' which for a while was Billy's theme song. I've been writing for a long time, mostly poetry in dialect or with a Native American theme. Through the Maybole website I renewed my friendship with Billy Davidson and since then we've been corresponding and exchanging ideas re- poetry in general. These few here include a couple with a 'Glasgow' theme just for interest. While growing up in Maybole my big buddy was Peter Finnie. Alas we lost touch, and I've been searching for him for years now and would be grateful for any news of him. 

George McEwan.  October 2006

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Copyright © Permission for display on this site granted by George McEwan. You may view and download poems for personal use only. No other distribution or use of this text is authorized.

Carrick Academy schoolmates reunited after 50 years!

They were at Carrick Academy together in the 1950s then lost contact until they got back in touch through the Maybole web site and met up again five years ago for the first time in 50 years. In July 2009 George McEwan and Bill Davidson met up again in the Welltrees Inn in this Year of Homecoming, George travelling from Glasgow and Bill all the way from New York. Bill’s son had suggested that a trip to Turnberry for The Open would be a great present for Bill’s 70th birthday and he jumped at the chance to come back to his roots and meet up with family and friends. more