Maybole: a pictorial history
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MAYBOLE - A PICTORIAL HISTORY Copyright, 1982. Reprinted, 1991. Printed in Scotland by Walker & Connell Ltd., Hastings Square, Darvel, Ayrshire. Compiled by John Seymour. Permission for display on this site given by  the Maybole Community Council.

You may view and download pages for personal research purposes only. No other distribution or use of these images or text is authorized. Selected pictures from the book - Maybole - A Pictorial History, are shown in the gallery below.

Foreword by David Kiltie, Chairman, Maybole Community Council  Contents:  Page 1   Page 2

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The Tollbooth.gif (52935 bytes) Pride and Place.jpg (57534 bytes) Maybole_Parish_Church.jpg (63258 bytes) Kincraig Church.jpg (85595 bytes) Auld_College_Lane.jpg (56018 bytes)
The Tolbooth

Pride and Place

Maybole Parish Church Cargill Church

Auld College Lane

Maybole Castle Large Image.gif (85575 bytes) Baptist Church.jpg (44297 bytes) The Bakers.jpg (45404 bytes) Cargill Church.jpg (40216 bytes) The West Church.jpg (45875 bytes)
Maybole Castle Baptist Church The Bakers Kincraig Church The West Church
LadyLand School.jpg (43889 bytes) When the flames died.jpg (33319 bytes) Kirkwynd.jpg (76209 bytes) Welltrees Street.jpg (44275 bytes)

Spooncreel.jpg (58092 bytes)

LadyLand School LadyLand School Kirkwynd Welltrees Street


Maybole Station.jpg (40716 bytes) The Greenside.jpg (36420 bytes) Whitehall.jpg (32962 bytes) Kirkmichael Road.jpg (47141 bytes)

Weaver Vennel.jpg (62379 bytes)

Maybole Station The Greenside Whitehall Kirkmichael Road

Weaver Vennel

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