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The map on the right is one of the first published maps of this part of Scotland. It is based primarily on the work of Timothy Pont. Timothy Pont, a minister, was the pioneer Scottish cartographer. From 1583 on, he surveyed the whole of the Scottish mainland and islands, apparently by himself.

Maybole can be seen in the middle of the map and was at that time know as Minnyboll. Click on the map or here to view the image and a detailed description of it. Contributed by Simon Mayers of - Antiquarian Maps, Prints and Books

Maybole maps:     1654    │    1686    │    1745    │    1775    │    1856    │      More maps from 1636 to 1828 from National Library of Scotland


Place Names of Carrick  by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska
Place names are like little gems, dotted about the landscape. They have  complicated interiors, and sometimes turbulent and stressful histories. They are always descriptive and usually accurate but only if you can figure them out. They are like a host of little puzzles.  They reflect the history of an area; and looked at in conjunction with one another they paint a picture as surely as any contemporary account. And you make arbitrary changes to them at your peril.

Google now has the Street View available for Maybole. Walk or drive the streets, pan up and down, zoom in or out or place a figure on a map to go directly to a location. These functions and more make getting around Maybole from a virtual perspective easy than ever before.    Give it a drive!

Google's mapping services now  include the UK.  In addition to street maps and directions the service offers detailed satellite views of cities and towns including Maybole.  

Another way to access Google maps from Wikimapia. If the map doesn't load or show Maybole click here.
Another Google Map in Progress

Click on the images above to view these current OS maps of Maybole in increasing levels of detail. Images produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Click on the map to view Maybole streets in detail.

Click on the Maybole street map at left to view full size. This copyrighted map displayed with permission of M.V. Nicholson of 44 Moorburn Road, Largs.

Click on the map at left or the link below for another current detailed map of Maybole from

How do you get to Maybole?

Click here for a large map of Maybole in 1859.

Left: Large map of Maybole in 1859  
Very large map Image produced from
the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd. and Ordnance Survey

Right: Town Plan of Maybole Ordnance Survey large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 Town Plan of Maybole   Surveyed: 1856-7  Scale: 1:500

A land use study of the town of Maybole published in the 1958-59 Glasgow School of Architecture by Ratneswar Bose for his Town Planning Post graduate course. Contributed by Ronald Stirling. Click here for more.

sitsofinterestinmaybole.gif (9226 bytes)

sitesofinterestaboutmaybole.gif (8617 bytes)

Aerial Photo of Maybole
by Brian Wotherspoon

Aerial Photo of Maybole
819 Squadron, HMS Gannet

The maps above are linked to descriptions and photos of sites in Maybole. Produced by May Tag Ltd .  Description of Maybole streets here.

Click on the maps below to view them full size.

1775 Armstrong Map. Contributed by Dave Killicoat.

This is an extract from the Ordnance Survey Map first surveyed in 1849-57. Click on the map image to see the full text and detail. Contributed by David Killicoat.

Map of Parishes of Ayrshire.jpg (165431 bytes)

Ayrshire Parish Map.jpg (134327 bytes)

1775 Armstrong Map

Ordnance Survey Map of 1849-57

Parish Map of Ayrshire
Maybole is No. 31

Parish Map
Courtesy of Jim Rouse

Parish Map of
Ayrshire from the Imperial Gazetteer 1895.
Outline of Ayrshire parishes created
by Irene Mitchell

Click here to locate Maybole on a map of Scotland.

Pathfinder maps:  Maybole South is map # 491. Maybole North is map # 479 Find this Pathfinder map at Link to Interactive UK Map Site.   Maybole on the Interactive Map Site by Multi-Map

Maybole on a Map of Scotland. Courtesy of the St. Petersburg Times.

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