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Here are some of the comments received from visitors to the Maybole website. If you would like to share your own comments send

them to either David Kiltie, Maybole Community Council or Rich Pettit, webmaster.

What a wonderful website this is. I was born in Ayr and lived in Straiton for 18 years. Of course I went to Carrick Academy and found some (not too flattering) photos exhibited here. How time flies. I live near Inverness now and visit Ayrshire regularly, but until I saw your website I'd never seen the "other side" of the castle. Thanks.....look forward to more of the same. Pat Morrison(Hay) (December 2009)

I am an expat who emigrated to Canada some 50 odd years ago. Much of my youth was spent in Crosshill and I still have many friends there and visited them again last June It was a great pleasure to stumble across your website and to find so much info about the area .- I sure wish internet had been available years ago. Congratulations it is a superb website. Jack Ross (October 2009)

It's always good to access your Maybole website - I often find some new gem relating to my own history... I'm contacting you with regard to the poem 'Johnnie Smith o' Minniebole...' etc. on your website.  You have verse 1 only shown - as follows:

"Johnnie Smith o' Minniebole
 Can ye shoe a wee foal?
 Yes, indeed, and that I can,
Just as weel as any man."

However, I remember well, as a lad of 13, my uncle (Tom Fergusson Runcie**) reciting the full version, including verse 2 - which went thus:-

“Pit a wee bit on the tae

Fur tae mak’ him sklim the brae;

Pit a wee bit on the heel

Fur tae mak’ him

Trot weel, trot weel, trot weel, trot weel -

Hame again!”

There's no doubt it rounds off the poem delightfully. 

In your webpage ( ) you mention a Shoe supplier (John Milton Runcie) who took over the Lees Greenside Shoe Factory. This was actually my grandfather, who originally came from Huntly, Aberdeenshire, to Maybole and married there. Re my uncle Thomas Fergusson Runcie** mentioned above... He was actually named after Thomas Fergusson (of Whitehall, Maybole) (1833-1918) - the character mentioned in your first-mentioned webpage above ( Milton Runcie (September 2009)

Congratulations on your website - it is one of the best I have been on. I have loved reading all about the history of Maybole. Caroline Easdon (July 2009)

I love the Maybole site and check in regularly.  The site has truly helped me to gain a better understanding of my family that lived there, of the people themselves and their daily lives.   It has helped me to find my Harry Colquhoun, a branch in the tree, that I otherwise might never have found and I am grateful.  You have done a wonderful job with the site.  Faith Lowe (April 2009)

My name is Bridget Brodie-Tilly, nee McNaughton. I grew up in Maybole during the 1980's and went to Carrick Academy. I now live in Muskoka, Canada and have just looked through your website. I wanted to email to say that it is one of the best websites I have ever seen, especially for a place the size of Maybole. It is informative, bright, cheery - I couldn't help but search through the photos for familiar faces. Thanks again for the trip. Bridget Brodie-Tilly, nee McNaughton (February 2008)

Hello: I was born in Neilston, Renfrewshire but now live in Canada. I found your website by accident. A photo of Cassillis Castle was shown on the Neilston webcam site. I have never been to Maybole but an old freind, James Baird was from Maybole. James was a prominent member of St Andrews Lodge of AF&AM in Hamilton, Ontario for many years. I decided to take a look and then began to explore all the interesting features of your website. I was very impressed by the detail and history presented. The old photos and the history of many villages and towns are mostly just lost and forgotten as time goes by. Your website is an excellent example of how to prevent this from happening. Most of my ancestors lived in southern Lanarkshire, Lesmahagow and I have been trying to find any evidence that they once lived there. To my dismay, not much of their history seems to have been preserved. I do wish that every town had a website like yours in Maybole. Well done and thank you for all your work. I will be back visiting many times. Jim Wilson, Burlington, Ontario, Canada (December 2008)

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Maybole home page and all the available links. I think that it is one of the best organized websites for a community the size of Maybole, my home town, which I left in 1951 to settle in Canada. Scrolling through the various links on the home page I come across many people with whom I was acquainted in the 1940s and it all keeps me somewhat connected to my past. Keep up the good work. Jim McAlpine. (December 2008)

I have found the Maybole web site extremely helpful, and interesting. Last year my husband and I visited the town and were delighted to find Welltrees Street still there, and what could well have been weavers' cottages. Thank you and keep up the good work! Ann Lavery (December 2008)

Message for Jimmy and Annie Harper. Got your postcard will write soon. Seems I have something wrong with your e-mail address. Please contact me on Ronnie & Freda Potter

I found your contact details on your excellent community website. It really is outstanding! I am trying to contact an old friend - an old Maybole man - and I hope that you may be able to help. Forty-five years ago I was training as a journalist on the Cumnock Chronicle. I was a keen singer of folk music (still am, in fact) and I used to go to the Ayr Folk Club at the Loudon Hall. One of the stalwarts there was a Maybole man, Pete Finney. He was a fine singer and an excellent guitarist. We both wound up working in London a few years later and stayed in touch. I've tried to trace him all sorts of ways and failed. Any leads or news will be greatly appreciated. Ken McKay The Old Salutation 16 All Saints' Street STamford Lincolnshire PE9 2PA (April 2008)

May I congratulate you on a wonderful web site. I am very impressed with the variety of information available, the presentation is superb and the photographs are excellent. I have spent hours exploring it. It made me very proud of my home town. The Carrick Academy section was of particular interest as I found myself on several photos and my sisters on one or two more ! Elizabeth Lever (nee Martin) (March 2008)

Kia Ora Maybole, My name is Iris Ward and I am from New Zealand. 15 years ago I lived just outside of Maybole at High Milton Farm ( I think that’s the name) along with 3 other Kiwis. The Maybole people were lovely to us. I remember we arrived there just before New Years eve. We went to a couple of the local pubs and by the end of the night we had been invited back to one of the locals place. I have often thought about Maybole and so I decided to see what I could find on the place online. How pleased I was to find this website. Well done! Nga mihi  Iris Ward (January 2008)

My praise for your website is well-merited. Living on the other side of the country – in Fife – I knew very little about Maybole. I came upon your site when I was looking for any additional information I could uncover about Alexander Jack & Sons. Since then, I have visited and explored the website on a number of occasions and have never failed to be impressed by its breadth of content and ease of access to the different components. Well done to all concerned. Best wishes, and thanks again regard the photograph.  Jim Black (October 2007)

My family came from Maybole to the US in the early 1900's and I so enjoyed looking at the old images of their home. In fact, some lived on Welltrees Street. My grandparents, James Peden and Agnes Dorian Peden are long gone but you have given me a glimpse into the sights they knew . Thank you, Susan Peden (October 2006)

May I congratulate you on your website. It was a revelation to find such useful information when my researches led me to Maybole. I am searching for any information regarding Thomas Love and his wife Agnes Galbraith. They were married in Kirkoswald on 28 July 1782 and had 5 children in Maybole, John, 24 Jan 1784 Jane, 8 October 1786 William, 3 June 1789 Thomas, 3 September 1794 John 13 March 1801. Presumably the older John died. I believe that the younger John was my great grandfather who moved to Ambleside where he worked as a tailor. He was in Ambleside by 1827. His father Thomas died in Ambleside in 1846 at the age of 91. Information regarding Thomas's birth place, date and occupation would be very helpful. There is one strong possibility that he was born in Kilbarchan on 2nd November 1755, a son of John Love and Margaret Dunsmuir Archie Love (September 2006)

I am thrilled to have come across the Maybole website. My great grandfather, William McNab was born in Maybole on the 26th July, 1831 and I am seeking any information about his family. He had two brothers, Hugh the eldest remained in Scotland and a younger brother Andrew who we think migrated to New Zealand. William migrated to Newstead, Victoria Australia in 1853 arriving in Port Melbourne on the sailing vessel, “Ivanhoe” His son James named his property “Maybole” Family history is an absorbing and frustrating pastime but thrilling when you can add another piece to the jigsaw. Warm regards Ina le Bas From the most easterly point in Australia – Byron Bay. (April 2006)

Hello to Maybole! I am so impressed with your website! My name is Carole King and I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I'm planning a trip to Maybole and vicinity in April. I have been researching names and dates of family members who lived in Ayrshire, and I have some names back to the early 1800's from Maybole and some from Kirkoswald as far back as 1670. Your website is filling me with anticipation to see your beautiful area and walk on the very places that my people walked on so many years ago. Thank you for all your efforts. Sincerely, Carole King ( January 2006)

I have just had a browse on the Maybole website, it is fantastic and a credit to you. I left Maybole in 1985 to join the Royal navy . I was on Polaris submarines for several years and had a great time discovering the far flung corners of the world. Since leaving I have settled in Glasgow and I am now married with 3 daughters. I love looking up the Maybole website and catching up with all the latest news in the town. Keep up the good work and congratulations on David Kiltie's recent well deserved award. Andrew Robertson (Jnr) (January 2006)

My name is Andrew Hay. I am a minister in regional Australia. I just thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for a most wonderful website. I originally went to the Maybole Home page searching for a history of Drumellan House (my Grandfather’s birthplace 1882 – My great-grandfather was one of the gamekeepers there) I soon became engrossed in your extraordinary work and spent hours trawling through the superb pictures and information. The astonishing detail gives the visitor a real sense of presence and atmosphere. I look forward to visiting the area in the future. Yours truly, Andrew George Hay. (December 2005)

You are to be congratulated on this brilliant site. I was born in Maybole 1954. Have lived in Australia 38 years but was home in 1999 and stayed with my cousin Maryann Lawrie. She came over in September this year and had great 3 weeks touring . I live between Rockhampton and Yeppoon Qld, on 25acres so she had the bush experience.... Maybole will always be in my thoughts, thanks again for your hard work on this site. Louise (Wilson) Huff  (November 2005)

I'm doing some travelling at the moment and have been away from home for a little while........I'm in Western Australia at present. As the weather improves here and Christmas approaches I find myself coming back to the Maybole website and in particular the pictures of the Greenside in the snow. Trully beautiful. Thanks to all, its a great site. Jill Simson (Oct 2005)

I just wanted to thank you for your website! I'm an American but as it turns out a descendant of a Maybole resident I found on the 1841 census.  My ancestor was Felix McIlmale born in 1835 in Ayrshire. I came to the Maybole site thru an old family book given to Felix when he was young. What a delight to have found this link to your town! Thanks again and I would think you will be seeing me sometime in the future. James F. McIlmail CDR, USN(ret) Maryland, USA (Oct 2005)

I would also like to say that the Maybole website is the best family history website I have come across so far. It is so easy to navigate and search and extremely extensive in content. I can see that it has taken many many hours of hard work and dedication and I for one am extremely grateful to all involved. Mrs. Ann Stewart. (Oct 2005)

Hi Maybolers. My name is Carol Kidd and I live in New Zealand. My husband, Alistair and I used to live and owned The Ranch Caravan Park. I often look at the Maybole web site. It keeps me up to date with what's going on in the town. Alistair is now a golf professional and teaches at the local golf club. I do voluntary jobs and also have a huge garden. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. (Sept 2005)

Culzean Castle © Tony RichardsThe present form of the castle is the work of Robert Adam, and many feel it is the finest example of his style. The nearby town of Maybole celebrates the Eisenhower connection on the community web site. They also have an excellent photo tour of the castle. This is an excellent and highly recommended web site: we wish many more towns were so well served by their webmaster. Visitors who enjoy location images, and particularly vintage images, may especially appreciate this site. The denizens of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, may enjoy reading about their own connection with Maybole, or perhaps arranging an assignation with us on McWhirters Corner.  From Pix Of the Day. © Tony Richards/

Just visited your website for the first time. I was born in Maybole in 1916 and would like to contact anyone who may remember me. (See Cairn Public School Class Photo 1926) Regards William Macfarlane White  (May 2005)

I have browsed your Maybole site for quite some time now and never tire of  it. As a child growing up in a large family in Glasgow in the 50's my two sisters and I spent a few of our summer holidays in Ashgrove house which belonged to the Glasgow corporation. I have many happy memories from my time there and when in Scotland visited Maybole and all the places I could remember. The house still looks the same but took a while to find as I only remember the vast grounds it stood in and where we played. It is now totally surrounded by houses I can still see the sweeping staircase in the entry and the row of dolls that were placed on the window ledges. Never to be played with. Are there any pictures out there of the inside of the house before it was renovated into flats? I would love to see some. I don't even have a picture of any of our time there. We would walk over the railway bridge into the main street and buy sweets in the little shop on a Saturday. I'm sure it was the only holiday many kids from Glasgow ever had. Your website is a credit to you and your community and I hope to be there in person in 2006.   Many thanks. Margaret O'Brien (nee Roper) Qld. Australia ( March 2005)

My name is Colin McGill. My GGGG Grandfather and Grandmother were born and married in Maybole on 21.11.1846. They emigrated to NZ on the Helenslee in 1863. The Helenslee was built at Dunbarten in 1862 and registered at Glasgow the same year. Weight 798 tons, two decks, three masts, 162 feet long, 32.4 feet wide and 21 feet deep. The Helenslee was a fine clipper and considering the weather made good progress averaging 320 miles per day. The voyage was made from Glasgow to New Zealand in 74 days. There were 9 births and 14 deaths during the voyage. Many passengers intermarried and there children inter married too. friendships were kept up for many years afterward. It has been wonderful to find this great site. After all these years and generations I am one who still seeks to know more about my roots and heritage. Colin McGill (March 2005)

I use the Kirkmichael and Maybole sites a lot as my Mother was born and brought up in Kirkmichael and I had an aunt who lived in Maybole and I went there for my holidays many moons ago. In the school photo on the second row we have Jessie Caldwell, Tom Caldwell and Mary Caldwell who is my aunt Mary Caldwell. She was born in Kirkmichael in 1899 so would be about 11 in the photo. She was Dux of Kirkmichael School and went on to, [I think] be Dux of Carrick Academy. My Grand Father Andrew Caldwell had the Joinerys business in Kirkmichael. I have been doing my Family Tree and have used your sites a lot and have found them most helpful. With kind regards, Margaret [Green] ( March 2005)

I have just visited the website for Maybole. It's brilliant - an excellent website. My brother had just moved from the rush and crush of London, to Maybole. I know he is looking forward to meeting people and making new contacts, your website is a great starting point. Well done. Janet Edland ( March 2005)

I have been researching a copy of the will of Sarah Chalmers relict of Hugh Piper vintner dated 9th August 1805. She refers to a property she purchased in 1799 called Newyards and of an Inn where in 1840 a Fergus Hathorn and James Rennie were in possession. What I would like to know is where is the dwelling in Newyards and what is the name of the Inn. Peter Allison ( February 2005)  Can any of our visitors answer these questions? See a transcription of the will and related claim here.

My name is Barbara Penney (maiden name Park). I am a teacher in Glovertown, Newfoundland, Canada. Many years ago I had a penpal from Maybole. We wrote to each other during our teenage years. In 1973, I made a visit to Maybole and stayed with my penpal and her family. We lost touch with each other during the early years of my career. I tried to re-connect after I had settled in my present community but she had apparently moved also. I would so love to make contact with her again. We had been very close friends through our letters for 8 years. I have very fond memories of Maybole. I remember it as being very picturesque. I would sincerely appreciate any help you can give me. My penpal's name is Jean Timony. She married Charles Livingstone on July 27, 1973 at the Town Hall in Maybole. Her father's name is Thomas Timony and in 1973 and lived at 6 Roderick Lawson terrace. I know that it is 30 years later but if you have any records at all that could help me with my search please contact me at  Jean would remember me as Barbara Park from Curling, Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Oh by the way, I really like the website you have developed about Maybole. I have been looking for leads to Jean on your site.  Thank you Barbara Penney   [ Note: Soon after this post Barbara made contact with her long lost pen pal Jean as a result of her inquiry here! ]}( February 2005)

I am trying to contact either of my cousins Alistair or Fergus McLean. I came to Canada in 1976 and have not seen my cousin Fergus since approximately 1979. My uncle Dr William McLean passed away in, I believe, 1979. My Aunt Nan I understand passed away in 2003. The family home was 4 Whitehall and I would love to find my cousins.  Thanks Ivy Cullen (February 2005)

Hello there ... Two lines of my family came from Maybole ... Robb and Watson. I am currently taking a Writing Your Family Stories course at our local college ... I'm 60 years old but still think I have some hidden creative talent which I would like to tap into :-) For my writing project I would like to know more about "21 Kirkland Street" ... which is where the Watson line of my family lived in the 1889 -1907 period .. prior to emigrating to Canada. I was over visiting cousins in Maybole in 1987 and discovered that 21 Kirkland Street had been torn down ... So ... my questions are ... 1.) I understand 21 Kirk was a tenement building ... is this correct? 2.) If it was a tenement building ... was it the one known as "The Barracks"? 3.) Are there any pictures of this building which I might receive a scanned copy of? Any assistance either of you might be able to provide would be very much appreciated. Regards, Carol McLellan Nelson, British Columbia Canada (February 2005)

I am researching my family history and I am looking for a long lost aunt who I believe was in Maybole after leaving Lancashire in the early 1930s aged about 25 to30, Details are- Annie Eva Alvinza Louise Holland nee Moore, date of birth 27th August 1906. I don't know how long Annie would have stayed in Maybole but any information would be of help in discovering her history. Thanks David Holland (February 2005)

I'm an exile from Crosshill living and Working in Bristol. I was a former Member of the 1st Maybole BB. I was in the BB with wee Eck Lucas who I worked with for a time before he and his wife Sandra emigrated to Australia around 1989. Does anyone on the Maybole site know where Eck is now I believe he has a sister living in Maybole but I cant remember her married name. If anyone out there has an email for Eck (Aleck) Lucas can they send it to me at  Wilson Waugh (February 2005)

I absolutely love the site and spend a lot of time there just looking about. It has refuelled my interest and hobby of my Colquhoun family history in Maybole.  The site is so informative and the photos just tie it all together so well. Faith Lowe ( January 2005)

Due to a misspelling of the word 'Maypole', I quite literally stumbled upon your website. My initial reaction was potential cardiac arrest ; however, when I got my breath back, I spent a most enjoyable period reliving, at times emotionally, the happy times I spent in Maybole as a child. Although we lived in Glasgow, my mother was born and raised in Maybole, and my maternal grandmother lived there until her death. My mother met my father, who was a bomber pilot stationed at Turnberry, around the early 1940s. They married in St.Cuthberts in 1945, and I was born in 1948, by which time, my parents had settled in Glasgow. I could say that I almost spent about a third of each year in Maybole, between summer vacation, weekends, and various other trips.

In 1968, at a relatively young age, my mother passed away, and is buried in the cemetery in her home town. My grandmothers home was #3, Carrick Place, Kirkland St., which I know was torn down many years ago. Her name was Mary McMillan, my mother being Hannah, married name Townsend. My mothers' sister was Catherine (Cissie), married name Connolly, who also spent her whole life in the town. I  congratulate you on a superb feat in providing this fascinating website. I have not been to Maybole for probably twenty years now, and have not returned to the U.K. since 1988. A trip back is very much on the cards for next summer, when one of the highlights will certainly be a visit to a small town very dear to my heart. Ray Townsend, M.A.,C.D.W.,R.E.B.T. SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN. (Western Canada). ( December 2004)

As a webmaster of a directory I have to go through many sites per day. But I can find very little in terms of content or quality on these sites. Your site perfectly fits my idea of a good web site - content ,content and content -all useful . Great work. I would recommend this site to researchers and historians. J Spencer Webmaster (November 2004)

Just found this site by accident, and it brought back a few memories of Maybole when I worked at Kirkmichael Creamery fifty odd years ago replacing floors which had been damaged by acid erosion. I lodged in Maybole with a family whose name I believe was McGarrie, this may not be accurate, as it is so long ago. I also believe there was a daughter who worked in the factory at that particular time, and if surviving, would now be in her early or late 70s whose name if I remember correctly was Isabel. At that time, Maybole was quite famous for making industrial boots, and now, it makes me wonder if they are still involved with this product, because then, they seemed to have quite a reputation in that field of business. I was originally from Kilmarnock in Ayrshire. My regards to the residents of Maybole. Walter Sharpe ( October 2004)

I have just found your website on Dunure. I was brought up in the village and spent the first twenty three years of my life there. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East where I met my wife. I have now settled in Livingston and visit my parents who still live in the village regularly but its so far away its great to have the site to remind me of the home. We also have two baby boys who will have fun seeing where Daddy grew up. McLaughlanc (October 2004)

What a super site. Very professional, informative and interesting, especially for the Robert Burns connection. All good wishes from The Globe Inn. D. Smith, Hon. Secretary, Burns Howff Club, Dumfries (June 2004)

Hi, to everyone on the Maybole web site. I would just like to say what a wonderful site it is. My name is Marilyn Taylor (McClean) I left Maybole in July 1977 to live in Northern Ireland. My father was wee Freddie Taylor & mother Betty. Most of my family still live in Maybole so I get to visit at least once a year to bring in the bells with my family over there. My niece told me about your site and I visit it all the time now. Just want to say that its fabulous and keep up the good work. There is a class photo of Cairn primary and my sister Beryl is in it. Also seeing the photo of the teachers from Cairn primary reminded me of my schooldays there. Thanks again for such a wonderful site. Marilyn McClean (June 2004)

I received a copy of Maybole's Community Newspaper this morning -thanks to Mrs Eileen Hamilton of Hutcheson St. Maybole. She knew of my interest in Family History and in the Ayr Maybole regions particularly, as my Mother was a Gillon brought up by her grandmother in High St. Maybole. Your Community Newspaper carried a letter from a Charles Milligan who was interested in obtaining further information on the family Milligan. I think I will be able to help Charles with his research as the Milligan family is one of the Maybole families I researched and have quite a bit of information which I am sure he will find useful. I would be grateful therefore if you can post this e-mail where where it can be seen on your marvelous web site which as a family historian I find most useful and informative. Needless to say I visit Maybole quite a bit to wander around all the places we used to haunt when as children we were evacuated to Maybole. Again thanks for a marvelous web site Regards Dan Murphy (April 2004)

I was surfing the Internet and came across this site and I was amazed to see that you had my Grandfather on it. [Alexander McIntyre] I have a copy of the citation that is on here, my grandfather – was a lovely man although I can only remember him vaguely. It is really great to see that his memory is living on. I know my father sill comes out with snippets of what his father did during the war. I have been to Maybole many times and I think that the town is lovely; the people there are so friendly and warm. Any way it is so nice to see part of my family history on the Internet. I will keep looking now I have found it. Yours, Irene Greening (nee McIntyre) (March 2004)

Thanks for a wonderful site. Have found tons of information on my ancestors via this site. I'd just like to update you on Mary Dunlop my 2 X great grandmother. She was born 4 May 1835. Her parents where David Dunlop and Agnes Fergusson. more Di Mothershaw (March 2004)

One of the stories I remember my grandmother saying was that her mother, Mary Tait Neal Stevenson was born "nine miles from Bobby Burns cottage". It is lovely to find a site that gives me insight to where that was. Thank you for a great job. Shirley Thomas (March 2004)

I would like to thank you for your website of Maybole. My GGGG Grandfather was John Shaw who married Margaret Robertson. My GGG Grandfather was Gilbert Shaw of High Burncrooks who married Ann McGarragh. Their son William married Sarah Duke. Their son Gilbert (married Annie Duncan 1880)and my GG Grandmother Eliza McNaught had a son Gilbert Shaw McNaught in 1878. I have discovered some information from your website which I have included in my family tree. I enjoy visiting your site and will continue to do so hoping to find any more info or photos. I have also passed on your web address to other members of my family for them to visit. Keep up the good work. Regards Winnie Gordon (February 2004)

I'm just beginning to track down my Scottish ancestors. I know that my great great grandfather, James Parker, was born in Kirkmichael in 1856. His parents, Samuel and Elizabeth Parker, may have been married in Maybole in 1838. I found your website through a Google search and just about fell out of my chair when I saw the c. 1860 photo of Maybole Castle. We have the same photo in an old family album and never knew where in Scotland it had been taken. Thanks for developing such a great website. It's a great start for a search of my past. Cathy Wickwire Seattle, WA, USA (January 2004)

One aspect of modern life in Maybole that really does help set it apart is completely invisible to the visitor approaching on the A77. Many places in Scotland now have community Internet sites designed to serve the needs of the community and promote it to the world at large. Many are good, and some are very good. Amongst the very best is This couples exceptionally simple design with effective navigation and a huge depth and variety of content about Maybole and about many of the surrounding villages. It is well worth a visit. ( From the website Undiscovered Scotland )

Let me congratulate you on a wonderful website. I discovered it about 18 months ago while researching my dad's family, Cook, in Maybole and I have visited it regularly ever since. I discovered I am related to Murray Cook. I have all the Cooks living in Maybole in 1881 and my own ancestors from the 1851 and 1861 Census records. I haven't seen any signs of anyone else interested in this family but wondered if you would you be interested in posting this information on the website?Annette Mitchell nee Cook Glasgow, Scotland (January 2004)

Hello, I read your story in Megan Smolenyak's book "Honoring our Ancestors". I do not have any ancestors or relatives from Maybole ...well that I know of, but I was touched by your story and just had to visit the site.  I am very much into family history and also live very near an Army base so I can identify and understand everything you meant about needing a place to call home. I have had many friends growing up which moved away because they too were classified as an "Army brat" and I miss each and every one of them.  I just wanted to say thank you for helping others with their family and history research.  What a great website you have!!  Best Wishes, Sandy in Washington State (September 2003)

I am 13 years old and my name is Gayle Barr. I was the Gala Queen in 2002 and I had a great time. I would just like to say how good the Maybole website is doing. All the pictures are great and it is interesting in some bits too. I hope the website says around for years and carry on being just as successful as it is the now. Keep the good work up. Gayle Barr ( August 2003)

Thanks for a great website. I am researching McKinstray, Aird, Young & Smith - the first generally & the rest Maybole & surrounding area specifically.  (I'm also descended from the famous runner, Robert McKinstray) I can be contacted at Thanks, Brian McKinstray. ( July 2003)

I wish to compliment you and the Town of Maybole for an excellent job in creating and maintaining your Website. My name is David A. Murray and I live in the U.S.; I have been working on my family tree for over a year. My work started with limited family papers and I located Origins.Net (now This helped me locate additional papers and family trees. During this time I discovered a large family connection on my father’s side centering on Maybole. When I searched the web for Maybole, I was elated to find your site and quite surprised about the detail, effort and dedication found in bringing home to many a warm connection for Minnibolers and their families.
David Andrew Murray  Ramsey, NJ, USA (July 2003)

I am an American and I fully enjoyed your site and the history of Maybole, very interesting. Thank you for sharing your town's history.
David L. Harbert Jr. (June 2003)

Sirs and Mesdames: My husband and I in 1983 visited your lovely community in search of my father's ancestor, James McKnight, DD. We also visited Jedburgh. Unfortunately, I had left behind the only information I had and had to remember places by memory alone. We would someday like to return as it was also a pleasing experience! Thank you so much for your hospitality and especially for your website where John McCormick of UK directed me as his ancestor, Elizabeth McCormick had married my ancestor. May God Bless and Keep you all! We Americans still love the Brits, Scots, and Irish! May we always be friends and companions. My father' s name was Dr. James H. McKnight
Mary McKnight Mills  or (April 2003)

This is one of the best sites I have visited, keep up the good work.  It is great to keep up with the news at home.  I used to frequent the Townhall in the sixties and have fond memories of Maybole.
Jeanie McQuilkin Perth Western Australia (March 2003)

I recently found the Maybole web site and think it is fantastic! I went to Carrick Academy between 1977-1981 (I think!). I left Maybole 16 years ago start my nurse training at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire. I am still nursing! I have enjoyed reading about what is happening in Maybole and seeing the photographs brought back many happy memories. Keep up the good work!!  Helen White (nee Campbell) February 2003

Just recently found the Maybole site. I am so excited. I have lived in Canada since 1970. We grew up in Paisley but my mum was from Maybole. Her name was Sarah Mc Ewan. She had four brothers Bill, Hugh, Frank and Jim. Bill and Frank stayed in Maybole all their life until Bill's death 8 yrs ago. Frank still lives in Maybole. I spent all my childhood summers in Maybole and have so many happy memories of times spent at the Maybole shore at my uncle Bill's property. I was browsing through Cairn school and was so excited to find my mums class photo taken in 1932. Please thank everyone involved in making this wonderful site. I am looking forward to all the news. Thanks again. Liz Mitchell (February 2003)

I was very impressed with the quality of the site....  As my son in law is tracing back the family tree he is delighted to also have been pointed in your direction.  My father in law, Alex Potter worked at Lees factory till it burned down, then went to Burnley till he retired. Ronnie and I lived at 20 Roderick Lawson Terrace for a few years with neighbours Janice Ferguson and family.  Ronnie worked at Callaghans and Interpak before we came to South Africa to live... keep up the fantastic work you are doing on this site.  It is a joy to visit the old town from South Africa.
Freda Potter (February 2003)

I am very pleased to find your website on Maybole. I have found some family on the 1841 census, and it is wonderful to be able to see old pictures of Abbott Rd, where they lived, and to be able to bring this family history alive for my children. The site works brilliantly, and it is just packed full of information. Thank you very much.
Joy Fisher, Balmain, NSW Australia. (February 2003)

I have followed the growth of this web site from time to time over the past few years. It has developed into something very special for the people of Maybole ... to be exceptionally proud of.. Well done. I know these things take an awful lot of work and time. I have family connections, which I have looked into in the past, rooted in Maybole ...I did put the information on a web site,
Andy Campbell, Edinburgh (Dec 2002)

My name is Kelly Cole and I live in the USA in a town called Spencer. Its located in Massachusetts. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done on the Maybole site. I was fortunate enough to visit your community many times with the Cannon family on Coral Glen, and just wanted to let you know that it is so nice for me that when I miss them or need to think of all my good memories that I can come to your web site and look at all the things that I truly hold dear to my heart. Please keep up all of your hard work because it is greatly appreciated
Kelly Cole ( Dec 2002)

After working in the IT industry for the past 35 years, I believe I'm well qualified to comment on your website. I've used the Internet daily over the last 7 years in my work and your website is right up there with the very best. Quite apart from the interesting content, technically it is excellent also. Well laid out; no missing links, and very good performance. Keep up the good work. My wife hails from Maybole but after a marriage proposal which she accepted many years ago, we live in my home city, Melbourne, Australia. Regards .... Ian Wells ( Nov 2002)

As I surfed the net trying to obtain info on Charles Dickens, The Victorian  Period, The Victorian schools, etc., your site came up. What a fascinating  place you live In ---So rich in history. Keep up the good work (and I'm sure  hard work) because your site is GREAT!!  Thanks for sharing-
Laurie McCoy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA (Nov 2002)

Today would have been my grandmother's 105th birthday. She was born in  Maybole in 1897 and died in Ottawa Ontario Canada on May 05, 1997. I was  born in Ottawa but raised by my granny and remember the teacher asking me on my first day of school how long I had been in the country. I had a very  strong accent apparently! I have never been to Scotland but am planning a  trip in the next year or two to visit Maybole and see the sights of where my  grandmother was raised. She left home in 1912 to work "in service" in  London at the age of 15 and later moved to Canada in 1920. It was a pleasure to come across your site.  I just wanted to say thanks,
Sincerely, Catherine Stafford-Justa  Vancouver, British Columbia (October 22nd 2002)

I visit your fantastic site regularly as my family lived in Maybole from the 1840's till the 1900's. On visiting the site recently I was very interested to read about your family history centre and when work commitments allow I will definitely be going in person. I also noticed the name Murray Cook in association with the historical society and I wondered if Mr Cook was related to myself. My grandfather Robert Cook married Euphemia Murray in 1894. I have come to a dead end around 1844 in my research and any information would be very welcome. In any case I will continue to visit your wonderful website.  Annette Mitchell (nee Cook)  (September 2002)
[Note: There was a family connection here and now the families are reunited!]

I must say that the Maybole website is a credit to the town of Maybole. It exudes friendliness and openness - which I also found to be characteristics of the people I met and spoke to when visiting Maybole last month. It is amazingly informative about local history. ...I have been tremendously helped by your hearth list, your buildings list, landcape change list and Kirkwynd list. Thank you very much. Michael Craufurd Kennedy (June 2002)

Thoroughly enjoyed your web page on Maybole. Spent many days there, trying to get info [researching the Kennedy family] Regards Evelyn Kennedy (June 2002)

I am the grand-daughter of Jake and Mirn McCreath of Maybole. My grand-dad owned the Shoe factory in the town. My brother and sister and myself spent most of our school holidays in Maybole and summer holidays were spent at the Maybole Shore - my grand-father being very much involved in the swimming club there and had a lovely old tramcar sitting on the beach before the swimming club huts were built.  I have been in Australia since 1964 - 37 years - however have been back to Scotland many times - also having relatives who looked after Culzean Castle. I would dearly love to have some communication with people in the area - especially Maybole. Every summer holidays my Dad, Finlay Hart, would arrive for his two weeks off from the shipyards in Scotland, and take a bunch of kids off to the "shore" every day on the 11 o'clock bus - if the bus was on "strike" - we walked. We camped on the shore - we visited the "tatty hoikers" at the farm and picked up our tatties for lunch which were cleaned in the burn and boiled on the stove in the "Maybole Swimming Club" huts. Would love to know if there is anyone out there who remembers all this.  Regards Margaret Hart (June 2002)

I am doing research on the Montgomery family's of Brigend, Maybole Parish, Ayrshire ,Scotland around 1605 for John Montgomery. I happen to come across your website. It's super!!!!!!! . At lease now I know what's it like in that area of Scotland. Still haven't located the Montgomerie/Montgomery but have lots of hope. thank you and every one involved in this website.
Janell Harris, Elko, Nevada, USA. (May 2002)

My cousin and I recently visited Maybole for the first time and this is a special message to Gordon Cockburn for being so trusting and showing us round his amazing house and seeing his paintings and pieces of art. A special thanks also to Father Jim for allowing us into his chapel and taking time to talk to us about the forthcoming American wedding. What a good and informative site. We will visit Maybole again. Linda Gray & June (May 2002)

My mother Margaret McCance was born in Maybole Scotland in 1898. Her father was William McCance and her mother was Jane Peden McCance. She was the daughter of David Peden and Annie McClymont of Maybole. I visited Maybole in 1992 and found all of Scotland lovely. Maybole was of great interest to me for John Knox street was where my mother was born. Let me tell you how very much I enjoy the site. I am amazed at how frequently you update and enter new and interesting things. It is a lot of fun tuning in. The pictures are wonderful. Margaret Harding Davis of Ashaway Rhode Island, USA (April 2002)

Hello my name is Andy Hempkin from Corby Northants My Father came from Maybole - Edward Hempkin Born 14th March 1916 and your website has given me a lot of information. An excellent website - you have done Maybole proud. Regards  Andy Hempkin (April 2002)

I would like to thank you for all the trouble that you have been to on my behalf in finding my old friend Jock Green. He has been in touch on the phone and very good it was to hear from him after 43 years. He has told me that he will be attending the reunion at Duxford in Cambridgeshire later this year and I look forward to meeting him very much. Once again thanks to you and your wonderful web site, I shall be keeping an eye on it from now on to see what's new. Best regards. Alex Carrie (March 2002)

What a great site. Found it by accident. I lived in Maypole until 1974 when my parents emigrated to South Africa. I am now living in Ireland so I will get to Maybole again.  Walter Henderson  ( March 2002)

Went into your excellent web site searching for an answer for this week's Daily Express crossword. Found your site to be absolutely superb in so many ways and certainly should be well visited...what an example for other communities.  Alastair McFarlane.( Feb 2002)

...have just spent several hours browsing the site, and it is really very good. Very professional ... Congratulations. As a matter of interest, have through the site contacted an ex school mate - and brought back a lot of memories! Once again, an excellent site. ..., a brief standing on the Howie brood: Morag: Still in Canada - married with two kids. Duncan: Now in South Queensferry - married with 2 kida. Iain (ME): In Clydebank - happily divorced, with no kids. Stuart: Still in London area in A & E - married with one kid. Andrew: In Renfrew - married with one kid. All the best, Iain Howie (Jan 2002)

Thank you for your wonderful site which I found last night when looking for the family history society for Maybole. My great great grandfather William Galbraith had a grocery on Main Street Maybole from the 1850s to his death in 1881 and I was delighted to find two references to him on the Maybole site. Marilyn Astle (Jan 2002)

Congratulations on an extremely interesting site. It was very interesting to read the article on the minister who married my great grandparents in 1885. It gave an insight into the people of that time. It would be great if all sites gave as much information.
Best Wishes,  Liz (Jan 2002)

Your's is a truly fabulous site, and should be a model and inspiration to village website planners throughout Scotland. Congratulations and keep up the good work.
Peter R.Wray, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire (Jan 2002).

I wish to say how impressed I am with the superb Maybole website. Browsing it is a pleasure and some of the images bring back so many happy memories of my time as a resident of Maybole and pupil at Carrick Academy. I left Carrick and Maybole in 1962 and now live in Newton Mearns. The images of Greenside remind me so much of the happy times when my family lived in Greenside. The image of School Vennel taken near my father's then shoe shop strikes a poignant cord because we also lived for a time in School Vennel. The story of the "Wee Doctor" is most interesting and I can testify to the love and care that he applied to his patients as he tended to my father's needs at all hours during the last days of his life. Keep up the good work. Bob Little

I found this magnificent page while at work on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, just after the disasters in the USA. It brought back a lot of memories, and eased the pain of having lost several colleagues in the World Trade Center. I was very pleased to see a lot of familiar faces (Davie Kiltie, Andy Hill amongst others). If you want to see how time and the German food got to my figure there are some photos at my work in under Money Markets Team. You'll be surprised to see me called "Jimmy" Hempkin there, but that's the nickname I got while trading in London and its stuck since!!! Best Wishes to everyone I know and anyone who might remember me in Old Minniebole!
Rab Hempkin

Enjoyed browsing your website. The 1968 Carrick Academy photos contains one of my Primary One class enjoying a fashion show. I think the two five year old would be models were Jean Holmes and Alison ?(I think her dad was a minister). Our teacher was Miss Stewart and my closest friends were Grace Donnelly, Marion Gallagher and Alexis Cran. We left Maybole for Glasgow in 1968 but my aunts and uncles (including Dick Goudie referred to in your website) and cousin (Billy Kennedy) are still in Maybole. Fiona Goudie, Derbyshire

I live in the United States and I have traced my Jamaican family back to Maybole Scotland. First let me say thank you very much for providing such a wonderful site. It has been loaded with information that I was able to search and FIND about my ancestors. I have a copy of a will proved in Jamaican court 1883, mentioning Maybole as my ancestor being "formerly from".... I have transcribed this will and it mentions owning property in Maybole. His name was Thomas Girvan. His father William Girvan was an MD, by some of the records I have checked on your site. Debbie Paige

I visited Maybole this May past and thoroughly enjoyed my stay in this lovely town. As I visit Scotland yearly on holiday, I saw the Homelea Guesthouse ad in the magazine of the National Trust. As I desired to visit Culzean castle, this fit right in. The hospitality of Mrs. MacKellar of Homelea, The Clootie Dumpling (delicious) and others that I met in Maybole continues to enforce my thoughts that the Scots are finest people in the world. Yours aye,
Thomas Campbell, Commissioner, South Carolina, USA, Clan Campbell Society (North America)

I came upon the Maybole Web site totally by accident while searching on a person's name. I had never heard of Maybole before, even though I have been to Scotland a couple of times. Now I can't wait to go there. This is a wonderful Web site to get lost in -- the pictures and stories are great. It's nice to bring a bit of Scotland to Seattle. Congratulations on a brilliant job; I hope to make a visit sometime soon!
Sally Carter

I must say thank you for the wonderful memories that I am having from viewing the Maybole site. I was born in Ayrshire and lived with family in Maybole and Crosshill before coming to Canada. (Bone, Strachan, McCutcheon) When going through the Maybole site it certainly brings back fond memories. I hope to be returning home for a visit soon and possibly make the country my home again in the future.  Thank you again.
Lesley Phillips (McCutcheon)

...may I say what a wonderful source of information this website is, I often browse through it. My main interest used to be family/local history but this has been shelved for a while whilst I concentrate on my book on Turnberry Airfield.
Margaret Morrell

I had phoned my sister Margaret Reid, Mayfield, Culzean Road, and she told me of your site. Compliments are due to all involved as it is wonderful. I am Donald Cuthbertson Russell Campbell, born at 28 Cassillis Road, my Grandfather's home, John & Margaret Cuthbertson. He was a Cartwright at Jack's & was also involved in the founding of Maybole Pipe Band. My parents lived at 12 Castle Street, Jonn & Mary Campbell & my sister Margaret was born there. Been home a few times and no matter where I roam you may take me out of Maybole but not Maybole out of me!.  Keep up the good work and God Bless you all. Yours aye,
Donald, Yolande & Family.

I have just recently started searching into my family history and have found your site and the Maybole pages. I was so excited as my grandparents are from Maybole and they came to the states in 1907. I see the pictures and read the history and it is like I am walking in the footsteps of my Grandmother. You have done so much work and I am sure that you know what a benefit your work is to all of us who are just beginning our search.
I am located in a small town in Wyoming so the internet is the only source of information and tool that I have for doing this work and it is difficult as the records are in Scotland and the family name is so common there.
I am the granddaughter of John Campbell and his wife Jeanne Orr Mckie , my grandfathers mothers surname was McBride. My Grandfather had three brothers that came over to the states from Maybole also: James - Thomas - and Robert Hunter and my Grandmother had one brother come over : John McKie. They settled in Wyoming in a place they called "little Scotland" up near the present town of Dubois WY - then it was called Dunoir - they had 4 more children there, my father being one of them.
I am so thankful for your work and this site and just want to express my appreciation. If you can be of any help to me in my search I would sure appreciate it as I say I am in a very small locality and have only my computer.
Thank you!
Vicki Graves

I am compelled to write to tell you how impressed I am with your generous, easy-to-navigate, interesting WWW site. I had never heard of Maybole. Thanks to your excellent site, I now know where it is and have put it my list of places to visit on my next trip to Scotland. Many thanks and keep up the great work. Your site sets a standard for small community web-sites the world over. Regards  Nancy Matheson

My congratulations on your excellent web site. It sets a standard to shoot for. Since I discovered your site I've spent hours roaming through the site. I can't say that I've done that on many sites. Wish my home town had as good a site.
Douglas Stevenson N.Andover, Ma. USA 

I must say I enjoyed visiting your site. Brought back a lot of memories for me - I lived at Croy Bay 1954 to 1957. One of the greatest shorelines I've seen and I've seen a few. It was a kid's paradise living there. We lived in a caravan then and I saw every possible mood of that sea from hurricane force storms to beautiful summer sunsets when it was like a millpond. I have not been back in 40 years but I am going this year to take some photographs. Congratulations, a good site.
Ron Wade

I found your site a few days ago and what an absolutely brilliant find it was. I rate it as one of the best sites I've ever found. My mothers maiden name is McKinstray and I was so proud to find articles on our ancestors on your site I was especially excited to find the picture of Thomas Mckinstray who was my GGGrandfather and also the information on his father Robert the runner, I myself am a great lover of road running and although I have had some success in local events alas I don't appear to have the talent that he had. I have visited Maybole with my mother on several occasions as we have been researching our family tree and it is a delightful place with very friendly people. If anyone has further information on the McKinstrays I would love to hear from them. Congratulations once again on a wonderful site you really deserve the praise that you are receiving. 
Caroline Legg

I am a resident of Auckland New Zealand and was so excited when my aunt Sheila brought me the millennium book of photographs. Inside the book I found a photo of my grandfathers plumbing business and the place above it where we lived prior to my father emigrating to New Zealand . I was seven years old at time of departure in1958 but with the help of the photos in the book can remember so much about the town. I can also remember the day the queen came to the town. All us kids were lined up on the garden wall at the Mautmens house on the corner of Carrick St and Whitehall waving our little paper union jacks like mad. I also remember doctor Grieve of whom there is a photo in the book. Isn't it funny how you recognize a face from so long ago, so quickly? Any way I have not yet looked through the site and I am so looking forward to doing so. I hope at some time we can chat again. Thank you for the opportunity to get in touch with my roots.
George Boyd

My name is Alexandre Rivello, I'm 33 years old, I'm a Public Servant, I'm from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I'd like to tell you my admiration about Maybole. I knew your site through Mr. John Moore who I knew on a chat from a Scotland site. Mr. John work at May-Tag. I took a look on your site and, I confess, I was very impressed about Maybole. It is a beautiful city and of course with a nice people. You are very organized and dedicated. Your site is structured very well. I hope someday to go to your city. I´d like to tell you that I love Scotland, your culture and your people. I study your social customs and habits, your behaviour, culture and history. You are a fighting people and I admire it. ... I think it's a common feeling this love at first sight for your country.  Regards
Alexandre Ribeiro Rivello

A kind fellow genealogist directed me to your web site. And I just wanted to pass comment on it (BRILLIANT) what a wonderful site it is I am actually looking for info on Kirkoswald but to find out so much about the parishes around it and a little about Kirkoswald as well was very good .It is such an interesting site and I look forward to visiting it again to see it as it grows. Thank you for such good work.
Keith Tait

I would just like to add my congratulations, along with the many others, on  your very well put together Maybole web site. I must say that I was amazed  to see so much detail and history, as I was expecting a one-pager. I  happened upon it as I was looking up the the name of our old farm called  Laigh Woodston, which is on the Dalrymple road, just off the A77. My family  have all moved away from the Maybole area now but I will drop in every now  and again to your site to see what's new in Maybole. Keep up the good work. 
Neil Cochrane

Just to say what a fantastic web site you have up and running. How lovely it would be if all areas had so much well organised information available for anyone to peruse! Makes me want to come and visit you, which I may do soon as I visit Kilmarnock often in my search for family business research. Thank you for all the work involved in producing a most interesting site...
Ann Amor, Horwich, near Bolton, Lancs.

I found your website some days ago. As well as commending your site as being one of the very best of its type that I have seen, I am particularly interested in Maybole, since it is from this airt that most of my father's folk come from. I am a keen amateur genealogist and you can imagine my delight when I came across the item by Bob Foulkes in the 'Articles' section of your website. The Senior Bernard McVey that Bob refers to in the article is my ggg grandfather. I had managed to track him down to Goats' Green in 1851, and I knew he had died sometime before 1855, but had been unable to find out more. Bob's article filled in the gaps nicely, and gave me a couple of good - if somewhat morbid - stories......Keep up the great work on the website.
Frank McVey

It is a long time since I lived in Maybole. But my friend sent me a link to this website. I think it is just wonderful. The pictures I looked at brought back so many memories of home as Maybole will always be home to me . I just love this website and will keep it in my favourites to visit again . I must thank you ... all for the work that you have put into maintaining the site... Thanks again 
Mary Provenzano, Ontario, Canada

I was just surfing the net when I thought I'd look and see if Maybole had a web page. And what a web site I found!  Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this site and who is still contributing. There is so much to see and explore in the site and I know it will be a valuable site for my children to explore.  Congratulations once again! Our family web page is on:  
Your Sincerely, 
Karen Barclay nee Paterson

Hi, Scott and Linda Ferguson here who now live in Perth, Western Australia. We moved here nearly 4 years ago but still miss Maybole very much. It's so good to be able to go on the internet and bring up all these photos of the old country, we were back home in June 2000 and there was even a photo of our son on your page who took part in the Maybole gala and some old ones of myself when I played for the Carrick inn football club, it makes us a bit homesick when we look at it but we just can't stop ourselves, keep up the good work and thanks for keeping us in touch. Here is a photo of us in lovely Perth. Here is our email if anyone wants to send us a wee note.

Hi. My name is Lauren Stuart. I used to live in Maybole until I was 6 when my father, Rev. John Stuart, got a job at another church in Knoxville, TN, USA. He was the pastor at Maybole West & Fisherton Church until we moved. We come home to Maybole almost every summer to visit family & friends we miss, which makes us less homesick. I would like to say thank you for making the Maybole web page because now I can check up on what's happening in Maybole, & also to see my friends (& sometimes my family) getting into the newspaper in Maybole. Thank you.
Lauren Stuart

Congratulations on the Maybole website! I have just logged on to it today and find it well laid out and containing much of interest to anyone who lives in, has lived in or knows about Maybole. I grew up and went to school in Maybole and my mother still lives there and so when I found the website I browsed some pages and even found photographs containing my mother and father! Well done and keep up the high standard. Yours sincerely,
Iain Collie (formerly resident in Cargill Road)

Congratulations on a site well done! I am a stateside graphic designer whose own background is in print, but who appreciates a web site that downloads quickly and has good structure and graphics. My dearest friend, Cathi Jamieson, is traveling to find her roots in  March of 2001. Her great grandfather, James Jamieson, was born in Maybole about 1882. He married Elisabeth Young, also born in Maybole in 1887.  Cathi wants to be able to contact any relatives currently living in Maybole so as to arrange a visit when she arrives.  Thank you kindly for any assistance you are able to provide
Essie Dube  Wickford, RI 02852 USA

We took you up on your invitation to take a look at your site, and were very impressed by what we saw.  Congratulations on being awarded the Medaille d'Or for it!The Médaille d'Or
Ken & Maureen Lussey
Medaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence


My family and I are researching our roots in Maybole. My great great Grandparents, William and Anne BROWN were married in Maybole in 1833. We would like to find out if William and Anne were born in Maybole and who their parents were. My mother has been doing a little research over the years, not making much progress. When I finally got online and found the Maybole site, we were just in awe! The site is fabulous! It has everything my mother has always dreamed of seeing in person. Thanks for letting us take a virtual visit to Maybole!
Maggie Anderson Bessette

It will be my pleasure to travel to the beautiful place my ancestors called home, hopefully one day soon.  Through your site I can actually visualize their homeland.  Frankly, it seems difficult to image why they would leave such a pretty place.  Please keep up the great work.  Your site is very well done!  Kate Young

My Mother showed me this site after she had found it while doing "I wonder what will come up if I search under Maybole?" - what a gem to find! Having visited family & enjoyed my time spent in Maybole, this just brings it closer...Thank You
Clare Upton (nee Samson), Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks so much .... Your website is wonderful - I love the slide show! Only one problem ... now I want to come live in Maybole Castle!
Virginia Childers

The following comment with other remarks was recently received in a letter to David Kiltie ...I have also visited your website, which is tremendous - I'm in the process of looking for someone to design and update a website for myself....
George Foulkes, M.P.
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

I have found this site to be a great source of information on the town, and have fallen in love with the area. I plan to make a visit there sometime soon, and I feel that I already know so much about it. Thank you for the work you have done for us ex-pat Minniebollers.
Ian Miller,
Auckland, New Zealand

You are doing such a wonderful job on this site.  I can travel and hunt for my Kennedy clan without having to buy a plane ticket!  Very well composed and interesting as well.  Thank you for all your work. 
Deena Sessums
San Antonio, Texas

Just want to say what a great site this is - actually of use to a family historian. I have links with Maybole going back to the 1700's, but can't visit very often as I live in the South of England. One of the best sites I use. Regards, 
Sue Crocker

Just a quick note to say that I visited and I have to say that it is one of the best sites on the web. So easy to use and concise. The stories photo's and lists are brilliant. Best Wishes 
Paul Stretton

From Mason cousin Billy Russel sent me the site, myself and my wife Mary(McCann) have had fun looking at the pictures its nice to show our kids where mommy grew up. Thanks for your efforts. 
Alex Kerr

I live in Christchurch New Zealand, and am so excited tonight to discover the wonderful Maybole site. My forbears left Maybole for NZ in 1876. I would be interested in trying to chase up whatever information that far back that I can about them. They list their occupations on the boat as Baker (the father, George Ferguson, and his son Robert (bootmaker) along with the rest of the family. It is brilliant being able to see so many clear photos of the town and to get a feel from the other side of the world for my roots. Thanks so much for the time you must have put into it. You've made one Maybole descendent very happy! warm regards 
Rob Ferguson 

Oh, what a lovely site to come across at past 2 am, just as I was off to my bed, too! My grandmother lived in Maybole before going to London, but her family and extended family lived in Maybole since coming from Ireland probably about 1830. It's nice to see a site where my kinfolk are represented so nicely :)  My ggg grandfather and mother are James Boyd (1814-1884) and Jane Gibson (1816-1891) who along with many of their descendants are buried in the Maybole Cemetery. I believe the Gavin Boyd shown on the WW1 Memorial to be the son of Samuel Gibson Boyd and Mary Jane McChesney, at least he would have been the right age, though I don't know when he died. If he is the right one, his grandfather Moses Boyd was the sexton at Maybole Cemetery for many years. It has indeed been my pleasure to come across this site, and I would very much like to thank the persons responsible for taking the time and effort to put it up and maintain it.
Ian Heath
Redding, Shasta County, California

I believe your website should be a true inspiration and a model for any other communities wishing to do the same. Due to research and the help of some wonderful people in Scotland, I've recently discovered my Grandfather was born in Maybole in 1892. Through the photographs and drawings, the history and current events, I've been awakened to my family's past and have an unexplained attachment for your community. From the contributions of the inhabitants of Maybole and the people that maintain and nurture this site, you portray a proud past, a positive outlook and a true fondness for your community. Thank you for sharing it with me. It will be a true pleasure to visit Maybole in the future. With Kind Regard
Stephen Ronald Conkie
Bobcaygeon,  Ontario,  Canada

First let me tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the Maybole site - especially the numerous photographs which are there. I felt like I was visiting as I browsed through them. Thanks to whoever thought to do this wonderful site. I write, however, about something else - namely family history. Your name was passed on to me by another person. I am searching for information on my grandmother's family. She was Annie Kilty, born in 1892 in Dailly to Thomas McHallum Kilty and Margaret Drysdale Kilty. This is the only information I have about her and her family so I am, as you can imagine, `grasping at straws'.  ... any information - or suggestions I would appreciate. 
Thom Garfat PhD,
Rosemere, Quebec

I was really chuffed to be able to discover where my Great Great Grandparents were married and where my Great Grandfather was christened - Maybole Old Church, no less. I found the ministers who performed the ceremonies on the list of parish Ministers - Rev. George Gray and Rev. William Menzies. My Great Great Grandfather was also christened in Maybole in 1806, but this is apparently before the Old Church was built. We visited Maybole briefly last year but were not able to ascertain which church we were looking for. You page has panned out pure gold! Many thanks and keep up the great work. Regards, Anita Lorenz . More photos and information at the family website

As the holiday season approaches memories of home inevitably flood the mind.  Even after forty years abroad, Maybole is a very big part of my life since I still have family there. .... I would like to  compliment David Kiltie and Rich Pettit for the photographs and information you have added. I have a copy of Maybole, A Pictorial History, but it was absolutely magic to see some of those photographs on the computer screen. Also, being an amateur poet and a Burns fan I was delighted to see the data on Scotland's favourite bard and how it linked him to Maybole... , thank you for making this year's holiday season little less homesick. Continued success and every good wish to you for the holiday season. 
Kindest Regards, 
William Davidson
New York 

It was a pleasant surprise while at the computer at the weekend that I came across the Maybole Historical Society's web site and I enjoyed it all so much being an old Maybole resident ... I lived  there originally, my father was Provost McCulloch and I was so delighted to see his picture on the Provosts screen and to see the pictures of the town.  I haven' been back for quite a few years but keep in touch... . Thank you all so much  for making this available. I will keep in touch through the site 
Margaret McCulloch 
Pedersen  Ithaca

... Love the site. My G'father was born in Girvan, 1896, and the family moved to Maybole pre-1899, before eventually\ moving to Glasgow. I understand there is a CARDIE in the war memorial. ... I know there is one of my great-uncles on the Girvan monument, and I'm hoping to confirm or refute Maybole. I have no knowledge how long the family stayed in town, that part of my search is, at this point, a black hole. Thanks very much, and again, love the site! 
(cardie @
Toronto, Canada

Hi! How nice to be able to communicate with my old school. My name is Lorna Sturgeon ... I loved my education there and having lived in the world for a bit, I've realized what a good education it was too...  sports was the deal at Carrick, my sister Linda and I were the athletes of the time (what a claim to fame). I went from Carrick to a college in Birmingham England. Still discontent I arrived in San Francisco, California. This is the life. I am a teacher in a High School here and live just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I have never been happier. I have my mom and Dad still in Maybole and am planning visiting Maybole in 2000. I tell my friends this is like a mini-Scotland (its hills and scenic) 
Take care.
Lorna :-)

Salutations, ... when I discovered Carrick's site I was very pleased indeed. I don't often get back to Maybole so it was lovely to see the familiar sight of Carrick Academy...  from now on I will make sure that when I am surfing I will pay a visit to the Carrick Academy site to keep up with the news. Kind regards, 
Catherine Lucas 
Former Pupil, Carrick Academy 
Glasgow cousin sent me the site,... myself and my wife Mary(McCann) have had fun looking at the pictures its nice to show our kids where mommy grew up. Thanks for your efforts
Alex Kerr 
Mason Tennessee

Its terrific, super, invaluable... My family origins are Dalrymple, adjacent to Maybole, and as would be expected they have spilled over the boundaries between the two parishes and into Kirkmichael, Dailly, and Kirkoswald as well. As Maybole was a larger town it was likely an important point on the map for them. Many many thanks. 
Lynda Campbell

What can I say? This is a very informative site even for a native Ayrshire Scot to visit. Thank you for all the effort that has gone into this one from a keen genealogist who can now pass on this address for all who ask. 
Marlyn Armour

... just wonderful. Congratulations and don't ever stop. It was lovely to see the colour photo of the Town Hall. Looked the same as when I was there 12 years ago. Must go back. Thanks so much for that. 
Margaret Wroe 
President of the Maryborough District Family History Society

You have done an excellent job there. I enjoyed it very much. Your layout would make an excellent model for other towns. Nothing yet on the Kennedy family, but I have the site bookmarked and will visit again later

My mum was telling me about the Maybole web site and how good it is, so I was having a look through it this morning, I thought I'd send you a wee note to say Hi, and to let you know that I think it is a really great web page... I live away from home and have done for the past 10 years, it's really nice having a look at all the pictures, really makes me think of home... So from now on, any time I feel slightly homesick, I can look in the web pages.. Thanks again... 
Eileen Wotherspoon 
(ex Maybole Resident)

I just found out about this site today while talking to my sister, Elizabeth Conn. Very well done. Exciting to think that we can login around the world and find out the goings on back home.  Jessie Young  
Aurora, Colorado

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