Maybole Welcomes their Friends from Crosne - 1982
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 The year was 1982 and Maybole welcomed their French friends with a tartan ribbon, sprigs of white heather and the Maybole Pipe Band.

Photos above: Top row: David Kiltie prepares to cut a tartan ribbon. The Maybole Pipe Band leading Crosne friends into the town at the top of Gardenrose Path. French visitors enter Maybole to be presented with sprigs of white heather. Second row:  George Foulkes MP welcomes the visitors to Maybole before planting a tree. Michel Berson, mayor of Crosne, helps to plant the tree. Monique Trouette and George Foulkes and commemorative tree. MP Alan Murray 4th from left talking to George Foulkes and MP on the left is Jim Gray talking to Provost Boyle. Third Row: David Kiltie welcomes Crosne Friends, Michel Berson, mayor of Crosne and David Kiltie with twinning agreements, George Foulkes and Michel Berson at tree.  More photos from 1982

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