The Town of Crosne, France
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Beloeil Arco Crosne Maybole Rymarov


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Thirty years ago, in June 1981, four people from Maybole made the first exploratory trip to the French town of Crosne, near Paris, to discuss the possibility of the two towns twinning. David Kiltie, Alan Murray, Don Raby and Pipe Major Jim Sym were so impressed that they recommended that the twinning should go ahead and in 1982 official documents were signed. Recently, Crosne welcomed 24 visitors to their annual carnival and once again everyone had a great time on what was the 30th anniversary of that first trip. more

Maybole and Crosne celebrated 25 years of twinning in 2007 with visits to Crosne and Maybole

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