Return to Crosne for the 20th Twinning Anniversary
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The year 2002 is the 20th anniversary of the signing of the twinning agreement with Crosne. Maybole twinners were in Crosne May 17th through the 20th to celebrate this occasion. Click on the images below to view them full size. See images from the first visit 20 years ago here.

Twinners take time out from their picnic for a group photo.

Young Frenchman
 tries to assure
Margaret Davidson
 that he really is a true Scotsman!

Twinners prepare to walk from  Rue de Maybole to the hall where the 20th anniversary celebrations are planned

Alex Davidson swings
 to a Caribbean beat

Maybole and French twinners
 at 20th anniversary ceremony

Former Pipe Major Jim Sym still has a few lessons for Fanch Goebel and Robert Carpentier, pipers with Paris & District Pipe Band

 Photo at the picnic

Photo at the picnic

Happy Birthday – we love you! 

That was the message to Maybole town twinners who travelled to France to mark their 20 year connection.

The celebrations began on Friday evening May 17 with a parade from Rue de Maybole led by two members of Paris & District Pipe Band. They had been hired by the French hosts as no one from Maybole Pipe Band was able to make the trip.

The Scottish group were welcomed by Genevieve Rochereau, Mayor of Crosne, and Marie-Christine, President of Crosne’s Town Twinning Committee.

In her speech, Mme Rochereau, said, “Our future is together and over the next twenty years I hope we can build on our frienship.”

“We love you,” she added, “ and wish you a Happy Birthday!”

Following this there were congratulations from delegates from Schotten, Germany; Rymarov, Cheq Republic; Arco, Italy; and Beloeil, Belgium; towns also twinned or specially linked to Maybole and Crosne.

In his speech, William Grant, chairman of Maybole Town Twinning Association, said, “To be standing here today is a special honour for me     -    20 years have now passed since the twinning ceremony between Maybole and Crosne took place, and since this beginning all those years ago, strangers have become close friends, and through this friendship we have watched our families grow and our friendships flourish. Sadly, some old friends have passed away, and are sadly missed.

During these years we have shared joy, sadness and the love of good friends, and of course we look forward to many more happy times together.”

Mr Grant appropriately quoted from Burns’ “A Man’s a Man”:

“For ‘a that, an a’ that

It’s coming yet for a’ that

That Man to Man, the world o’er

Shall brothers be for a’ that.”

And Mr Grant borrowed Burns’ theme to make a wish for the future. He told guests, “It is important for twinning that we win over the younger generation. Not only can we gain from their input, but equally they can gain a great deal from twinning through better global understanding – or simply as the means of better understanding a foreign language. Schools and language teachers can play an important role in supporting and encouraging a good twinning link. We have the Internet, video conferencing and email. We must use them, and through these we can involve all sections of the community.”

The speeches were followed by a meal and great entertainment from a jazz band and a sequence dance group.

Also in the group were Hugh Anderson, Town Twinning vice chairman, and his wife Sally; Maureen Craig, secretary; Margaret and Alex Davidson; Andy and Ann McDowall; Lesley Grant; Jim Sym; and David Kiltie, chairman of Maybole Community Council.

Over the rest of the weekend the visitors enjoyed a day in Paris and a boat trip on the River Seine; a torchlight procession in Crosne and the French town’s Pentecost carnival.

They also enjoyed meals with their hosts and David Kiltie said, “I was delighted to meet former Mayor, Michel Berson, at dinner on the Saturday evening, Unfortunately he has been seriously ill and unable to take part in any of the weekend celebrations.”

It was Mr Berson and Mr Kiltie who signed the original twinning documents in 1982.

(From the Ayrshire Post. May 2002)

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