The Town of Beloeil, Belgium
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Four Maybole twinners headed to Belgium recently to meet up with fellow twinners from seven other towns across Europe. Margaret and Alex Davidson and Margaret and David Kiltie travelled to Beloeil, and were welcomed by Mayor Alain Carion and Philippe Cambier, president of the local town twinning organisation.

The four Scots were there for the annual meeting with representatives from Arco and Rocella, Italy; Schotten and Bogen, Germany; Crosne, France; Beloeil, Belgium; and Rymarov, Czech Republic. In September 2012 visitors from Crosne will travel to Maybole to celebrate 30 years of twinning, and Margaret Davidson said, “We hope to have a weekend of celebrations from September 28 – 30, 2012.

“The original celebration 30 years ago involved many organisations in the town including schools, Scouts and Guides, the Community Council and the Community Association. It would be good if that could be replicated and we would like to invite representatives from local groups to a meeting in Maybole Town Hall Council Chambers on Tuesday November 22 at 7.30pm to discuss the future plans.”

Twinners from Maybole will be invited to Belgium to celebrate 15 years of twinning with Beloeil during their Music Festival in August. Mayor Alain Carion said he would be delighted if Maybole visitors could make the journey next year. School twinning links between Arco and Schotten pupils is going well and it is proposed to have a sport link for school pupils age 14-16.

So far, in Bogen, there have been few arrangements made for 2012 as building work will be done in the local park. A football tournament will take place June 7 - 10 and a cross-border project with Rymarov will be organised Crosne is organising the 2012 Tour de Jumelage in Anduze from June 20 – 24 but if anyone wishes to stay longer arrangements can be made to do this. A deposit of €100 should be sent by 31st January 31.

Membership of the twinning association in Rocella has nearly doubled in the last year and a new committee will be elected near the end of this year. They would like to arrange an exchange with towns so that the pupils can learn French and English. In Rymarov, major reconstruction work is taking place on a Cultural Centre so, until the end of this project, partnership will be restricted. Hans Otto Zimmerman, Schotten, explained that a new Fire Station will be opening in February or March and invitations are going out to twin towns for 4 or 5 people and a committee member to go to this.


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German, French, Belgian and Scottish twinners outside Maybole West Church after the signing of official documents linking Maybole and Beloeil .

Beloeil Castle where the twinning documents between  Maybole and the Belgian town of Beloeil were signed.  Contributed by Margaret Davidson.

Quevaucamps, which is 260 km from Crosne, is an old locality which crossed the roadway of Brunehaut, the old Roman way. Its Latin name " Equicampus " means field of the Horse or pre to the horses. The town of Quevaucamps, in the province of Hainaut, is located halfway between Tournai and Mons, at the northern edge of the highway to Wallonia, gateway of connection between the industrial centers of Liege, Namur, Charleroi, Mons and the North Sea. Following the elections of October 10, 1976, nine communities, including Quevaucamps, amalgamated to form the new community entity of Beloeil (10,000 inhabitants).

The Castle of BeIœit

The castle, residence of Princes de Ligne for centuries, includes collections of art from the 15th and 16th centuries and biographies of European princes and sovereigns.

The library, made up of 25 000 volumes, is particularly famous.

The castle is surrounded, of admirable gardens to the Frenchwoman, faithful to the spirit of XVIIème century, with an alternation of water, greenery, shade and light, decorated of 10 km hedges.

A Brief Historical Note

The Field of Beautifulœit is still the property of Prince de Ligne, 23rd head of this family, which draws it's name from the village of Line located  fifteen kilometers to the north from Beautifulœit.

In the 14th century, Jean de Ligne married Jeanne de Condé who brought to him a dowry and and the inheritance of Beloeil and the neighbouring grounds. Since that time, the family settled there establishing the parks and castle.

The principal body of the building, transformed many times during centuries, was burnt in 1900 and rebuilt in 1902, on the foundations of the old one by the French architect Samson.

All of the furniture and the art objects, saved disaster thanks to the devotion of the population of Beloeil.

The problem of conservation of such an inheritance becomes increasingly difficult year by year. This is why the visits are a priceless support and a great encouragement for the owner and conservation volunteers.

The patronage and subsidies of the public authorities are infinitely valuable help received with great recognition.

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