The Town of Schotten, Germany
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Beloeil Arco Crosne Maybole Rymarov


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Ten town twinners from Maybole travelled to Germany two weeks ago to seal the official links with Schotten and to their surprise they were met with a sea of tartan. The German town was celebrating the 1225th anniversary of its creation by Scottish emigrants and the mayor, Hans Otto Zimmermann, and his council had organised a weekend of Scottish entertainment. There were 14 pipe bands, 12 German and 2 from Holland, Scottish country dancers and even a mini Highland Games. More photos and the rest of the story.

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Our city twin of Germany east with 700 km of Crosne in the " Land " of Harrow with 60 km of Francfort.Située with heart of solid mass basaltic which carry the name poetic of Vogelsberg or Mountain with Bird.

Schotten benefits from it proximity to Nidda and its lake artificial of 65 ha, locate with gate of ville.Cette situation favorable and the many half-timbered house à colombages or decorate of fresco of time baroque of make the more picturesque of four city twin.

The entity of large Schotten which gathers fourteen villages, counts 12 000 inhabitants.

What does one do in Schotten?

The activities are primarily tourist and agricultural. Schotten is a city which offers all the advantages of the natural reserve of high Vogelsbergski, walks in forest, camp-site and regattas on the lake. Its forest environment always was worth in Schotten a significant artisanal activity, so that of industries of wood and even a forest school was established there.

But our twin city is famous in all Germany for a sausage receipt " Schotten Wurst', whose secrecy was transmitted of wire father inside the group of the porkbutchers of winter.

The twinning concluded in 1960 was materialized by a stele on the place of Europe with Schotten

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