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Beloeil Arco Crosne Maybole Rymarov


Belgium Italy France Scotland Czech Republic


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Beloeil Arco Crosne Rymarov Schotten
Belgium Italy France Czech Republic Germany

Four Maybole twinners headed to Belgium recently to meet up with fellow twinners from seven other towns across Europe. Margaret and Alex Davidson and Margaret and David Kiltie travelled to Beloeil, and were welcomed by Mayor Alain Carion and Philippe Cambier, president of the local town twinning organisation. more

Maybole twinners were hosts to visitors from Germany and France recently. The occasion was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of signing the official twinning agreement between Maybole and the German town of Schotten. This had been signed in the Town Hall during July, 2000 by Andy Hill, Leader of South Ayrshire Council, Margaret Davidson, of Maybole Town Twinning Association, Hans Otto Zimmerman, Burgermeister of Schotten, and Klaue Appel, Chairman of Schotten Town Twinning Association. That ceremony had been attended by local twinners, friends and over 100 visitors from France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the CzechRepublic who had taken part in a cycle tour to mark the start of the new millennium. more

July 2006 ... in glorious sunshine 54 twinners from Crosne (France), Bogen and Schotten (Germany) and Rymarov (Czech Republic) were welcomed by members of Maybole Town Twinning Association who had organised the annual “Tour de Jumelage” at Auchincruive, Ayr.  As there were many new people from Crosne a visit was made to Maybole in the late afternoon and dinner in the evening brought together all the delegations.On the next morning (Thursday) everyone set off for Alloway, walking from the Burns Experience to Greenan Shore where a picnic was enjoyed by all. Two members of the French group even braving a swim. ..the rest of the story and more photos.

The international cycle tour in July 2000 was an ideal opportunity to start the new millennium with broader international links including an official twinning with Schotten. Events included sporting and cultural e.g. cycling and walking. Each country organised activities highlighting their national culture.

Maybole's Millenniun celebrations included twinning these twinning events as reported in the Ayrshire Post

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Maybole has another twin town - and that's official. Documents linking the Capital of Carrick with Schotten in Germany were signed

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More than 100 visitors from Belgum, France, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic began arriving in Scotland

twin1a.jpg (77749 bytes)

Magnificent Maybole Castle was the setting for much of Saturday's pomp and ceremony.

twin3.jpg (58990 bytes)

All Twinners together ...And flags of the participating nations ....

This photo was taken outside the Town Hall in 1997. As well as twinners from Crosne and Maybole there are a few from Schotten and Beloeil. The occasion was the 15th anniversary of the signing of the official agreement between Maybole and Crosne. Click on the photo to view full size

Maybole twinners Margaret Davidson, vice chairman of Maybole Town Twinning Association (TTA), William Grant, chairman TTA, Michel Muser Beloeil, and Edouard Defrasnes, Mayor of Beloeil cutting a celebratory cake to mark the official agreement between Beloeil and Maybole. This is in the garden of Maybole Castle. Click on the photo to view full size.

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