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Mochrum in the distance and Culzean Road to the top right Carrick Academy in the centre and Kirkoswald Road to the left St Cuthbert's Church to the left and Kildoon in the distance Castle in the centre and Cassillis Road leading past the Old Church Maybole New Cemetery
 in the centre
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Gardenrose Primary
 at the top centre
Ladyland Road as the police and ambulance services get ready Flagpole at Greenside
contributed by David Kiltie
The town of Maybole from Kildoon Hill
 by Brian Wotherspoon
Aerial view of part of Maybole taken by police helicopter. Click here for a larger image. (183k file)
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Maybole arial view.jpg (80766 bytes)

West Church St. Oswald's Church St. Cuthbert's Church Carnegie Library, Post Office and Castle Aerial Photo of Maybole by Brian Wotherspoon
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Town Hall
contributed by David Kiltie
Maybole Castle
contributed by David Kiltie
Maybole Castle at Night
contributed by Brian Wotherspoon
Maybole Castle at Night
contributed by Brian Wotherspoon
Dairy Corner
EnteringthetownofMaybole.jpg (13820 bytes) maybolewelcomesign.JPG (62203 bytes) highstreetsept1999.jpg (54772 bytes) PictureofCarrickAcademybyScottCrawford.jpg (19600 bytes) Carrickacademyfromculzeanroad.jpg (44081 bytes)
Entering Maybole
contributed by Hugh Peden
Welcome to Maybole Ancient Capital of Carrick High Street
contributed by David Kiltie
Carrick Academy
contributed by Scott Crawford
Carrick Academy
contributed by David Kiltie
Maybole Pipe band welcomes cruisers.jpg (70198 bytes) streamtrain.jpg (56382 bytes) maybole&ayrrevenuestamp.jpg (41928 bytes) Maybolecountrysideonamoonlitnight.jpg (10454 bytes) turnberrylighthouse2.jpg (22210 bytes)
Maybole Pipe Band
 welcomes cruisers
Steam Train passing through Maybole Station
Ayrshire Post
Ayr and Maybole Junction Railway Company. Dividend Warrant. Maybole Moonrise
contributed by Bryce McCulloch 
Turnberry Lighthouse
 & Ailsa Craig.

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