Millennium - Page Four
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July 12 16 International cycle tour
The international cycle tour involved twinners from Maybole, Crosne (France), Beloeil (Belgium), Schotten (Germany), Rymarov (Czech Republic) and Arco (Italy). This was organised by Maybole Twinning Association

This was an ideal opportunity to start the new millennium with broader international links including an official twinning with Schotten. Events included sporting and cultural e.g. cycling, walking for those unable to cycle. Each country organised activities highlighting their national culture, as well as other inter-country games. .

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November: Millennium Book Published Maybole Past and Present. Every Minnieboler was invited to contribute photographs and artefacts etc for consideration to be included in the new book which is now available.

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November 24-25 Historical Concert

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A street scene in old Maybole ... one of several features involving local youngsters on the town hall stage. History repeats itself! THE curtain was lowered on Maybole's Year 2000 celebrations .... Carrick Academy playground in the 1950s ... when boys and girls had separate territories.

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